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VA -2yo APBTx bitch *new pics*

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by Poisoned, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    Well, they've been feeling sorry for her obviously, since the other dogs come in the house due to bad weather they have been putting her out in the yard.. the yard she's escaped before and that has a 5' fence at the highest.. They called me the other night because they couldn't find her.

    Turns out she was hiding under the house.
  2. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    She got loose and almost immediately found another bulldog.. Luckily nothing happened as the owner got her dog behind a fence..
  3. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn Little Dog

    Oh god..this kills me. No other interest? Any rescue groups? Anything?
  4. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    Nope.. Every rescue group is already overflowing and the only people showing real interest shouldn't own a chihuahua..
  5. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn Little Dog

    Shit, shit, shit. If only she could get along with Diesel..but I fear I don't have enough time to give her the attention she needs at this point. Do you think she could go back to the way she was before getting locked in a cage 24/7?
  6. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    I don't know. I know with proper socializing and work she would be less shy with strangers... But her DA is most likely because she's coming of age and I doubt it will change. She's happiest as the only dog anyway, she gets all of the attention.. she is very jealous of other animals, if I pet their lab while she's in her cage (or out..) she gets on him quick.

    With a lot of exercise and management I think she could be around a submissive male if supervised, because she isn't 100% DA, she is a pushy little snot who likes it her way with other dogs.

    All in all, she would be happiest as the only dog or in a home where she is rotated.. And believe me.. she doesn't mind the crate anymore, she's pretty much been broken in that aspect.
  7. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn Little Dog

    Ah, then that wouldn't work for us ): Poor girl, she's so cute. My Diesel is in no way submissive, he's very much the want to have all the attention kind of dog. I wish a young couple without any dogs would want to adopt her. I can't remember if I've asked..have you/they posted on FB? Craigslist? Any other sort of classified site or anything? I just fear though she'll get into the wrong hands and manage to get at another dog. *sigh*
  8. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    She's in the wrong hands now.. We did try craiglist.. So many nutters jumped on it I got scared away.
  9. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    Still there... they tried taking her to the SPCA - because they let her loose with their other bitch, that she fights, and she jumped her.. The SPCA was overflowing as usual so they turned them away..

    ---------- Post added at 05:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:38 PM ----------

    You can actually see how her feet are getting worse form living on that flat, slippery surface..
  10. AmberL

    AmberL Good Dog

    this is just sooo sad. I wish I were closer and could help get her out.
  11. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog


    The little turd is coming here for a while..
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