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Use your Flash


Big Dog
for DWC

Photography is part creativity, part science, and all trouble shooting.
This is the guy that taught me about strobe(flash) photography A look into the past..a future

Can't get past the reflection when using your flash while there is a reflective surface? try this

Below is a technique called bouncing the flash (you need a surface to bounce the light off, the whiter the surface the better...in this case it's my bathroom door), but the mirror is catching the reflection and causing additional unwanted reflection like my lens or perhaps my subject's glasses

Use your hand as a flag
(phtog term for anything that blocks excessive light)

Adjust ISO and open up aperture to allow ambient light in
(now you can tell I just stepped out of the shower)

This how i grabbed this shot of the private collection behind protective glass, you can see the reflection of light flashing thru my fingers on the right


Good Dog
O captain my captain! :biggrin2:

I don't have any flash past the one that is naturally on my camera. I should get a better one, huh?


Big Dog
It's why gear IS important and you should budget, work on the cheap, get your client to pay (at least for the gear if they want the job done). and pls...not the captain...I can't get over losing Robin Williams :crytissue::banghead:


Big Dog
Oh! btw...I bet you didn't know Matt Damon has photo skills. ; D Don't say it to his face if you ever meet him!



Good Dog
Awww, sorry bud. I was actually quoting Whitman, if that helps.

Haha I wish I had clients for photography. Maybe someday! But I will work at it. Maybe do a few art commissions again


Big Dog
This is a great flash to start out with. It's well under $100. TTL doesn't work on it with, but that just gives you the added push to learn to control your flash manually. It does a swell job.
Amazon.com : Yongnuo Professional Flash Speedlight Flashlight Yongnuo YN 560 III for Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus Camera / Such as: Canon EOS 1Ds Mark, EOS1D Mark, EOS 5D Mark, EOS 7D, EOS 60D, EOS 600D, EOS 550D, EOS 500D, EOS 1100D : On Camera Shoe Mount Flashes : Camera Photo

Nice of you to post the tutorial PocketPal. :SwinginStar:


Little Dog
I second the Yongnuo 560iii and learning to use your flash in manual isn't really that difficult. They make fantastic slaves too.

Strobist.com is a great resource. Zack Arias used to have a great DVD but I think it's off the market now. His blog was a great wealth of info. Creativelive usually has some great workshops, as does Scott Kelby/kelbyone.com. I also am a big fan of taking workshops and classes from local camera stores/community colleges or attending meetups and learning in person.


Big Dog
...learning to use your flash in manual isn't really that difficult. They make fantastic slaves too...


If you are not capable of pre-flashing your subject, you can use one of these to focus in the dark before you trigger your flash.

U se one of these
, and bite down on it. You can place it between your rt middle and ring finger, but lose the finger functn.