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Im interested to see some SBT's from over the pond post a pic if you would please :)

heres my boy from manchester, UK

and one with his adopted sister (not sbt)
Thankyou :) but where having to get a new one for the female as the leather is chafing and rubbing her fur away so buying a fleece lined fabric one

Beth L

Little Dog

Haven around 2 yrs old.

Tedi when she was around 3 shew is now 7

Uppy with my Am Staff Neo who is now gone. =(

ok not SBT
My American PIT BULL Terrier Zoot.

and my American Staffordshire Terrier Salt


Premium Member
**Not my dogs. I just took the pics.**




For some reason i had in my head that the SBT would look different in the states but just the same you have like the athletic kind and the large "bully" kind by the looks of it just like here


Premium Member
The trindle pup I pictured is 15 pounds; she's the smallest by far and oddly small for a Staffie in general. She's smaller than her sibling and both of her parents by a significant amount.

The largest dog (I believe) I posted is Bobber, the darker dog doing weight pull. She is only 34#.
A couple of pictures of my boy he is on the larger side at 19 inches at the shoulders and 59 ish pounds (winter weight) will be less now as ive started conditioning for summer. Hes a product of breeding for size and not standard