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Urgent!!!!pit mix in need of rescue asap!!!!!

Discussion in 'Owner Rescues & Fosters' started by befriend_a_bull, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Hello, My name is LEO.I am a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever/ Pit Bull mix. I am a super loving boy and would love to have the chance to come enjoy life with you in your home! I love camping, and swimming in the lake was my favorite thing this past summer! I am also content to sit by your side and watch over you at the end of the day. I was brought to the the shelter by a family that said that I was a stray (it seemed however that I really liked them and was reluctant to part, which made everyone at the shelter think other wise)! I am currently living in a foster home, but I belong to a high-kill shelter and I am going to be scheduled for euthanasia soon! Please help me, I want to live!I I am so full of life and would love to have the chance to prove myself to you! I get along with other dogs both big and small (I currently live with 3 doxies, 1 other pitbull, and 1 great dane). My foster mom really cares about me, and is willing to help transport and sponsor me if a rescue is found and I am transfered! Please contact my foster mom for more pics and info- mystakalpeoples@hotmail.com or by PM! If you cant help me, please spread the word so that I can find someone who can! Thanks!

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  2. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    Wow! It does look like a pit/toller mix! I'm amazed!
    Most rescues think up very creative mixes to call their dogs.
    What state is he in?
  3. He is in Waterloo Iowa!
  4. Here are more pics!!!!

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  5. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    Hope people are looking at this guy!
    I'm in Michigan, thats not very close to Iowa :(
  6. Me too!!! He doesn't have much longer.....like I said Im willing to help arrange transport if a place is found for him!!! Please spread the word!
  7. ZoeyBear

    ZoeyBear Good Dog

    The shelter will make you bring the dog back for euthanasia if you are fostering? Sounds messed up to me! I know our shelter went through a phase of wanting to give fosters only 2 months to get the animal adopted or you'd have to bring it back, but thankfully they never actually went there.
  8. It’s a complicated situation. Our shelter is always full of pits, so they have to “pick†the “best†few, and the rest are no more. Unfortunately LEO is not in the “best fewâ€. When he first came to the shelter, he was very unsocialized, but has done marvelously and come such a long way since he’s been with me. (Hopefully you can tell by the pics of our camping trip together!) They sent him to foster with me because they had originally thought about placing him for adoption, since he is such an unusual looking dog. However they have decided that they will not place him for adoption, and will euthanize him when I bring him back. The shelter has been pressuring me to make a decision on him, since he has been on the shelter roster for a while now. (He’s been with me since APRIL). My options are as follows, either I adopt him myself, find a rescue for him (or someone can adopt him but he has to be transferred to a rescue and adopted from that rescue), or bring him back for euthanasia. However, I cannot keep him myself (I know that’s what they all say!), I already have 5 other dogs in my house that were all rescued dogs and at one time going to be Euthanized (not all specifically from my shelter) and I am always criticized for having so many (doesn’t happen for people with lots of cats, but it does for dogs, and personally I think dogs are easier), and they won’t let me foster anymore dogs because I still have LEO. Plus my boyfriend who currently helps me take care of them is leaving in DEC for the air force, so my limited time will soon be even more limited, since he won’t be there to help me care for them. I don’t have the heart to bring him back for euthanasia, especially since he will have no idea why “mom†is doing this to him! I did have someone in Minnesota who was interested in adopting him, but they decided that they weren’t ready for another dog at this time (they had a doxie and they did great when they met!). Since I cannot adopt him out of our shelter, I was going to have him transferred to a local rescue and they were going to adopt him from there. So that is an option, if there is anyone here who would like to adopt him! Like I said I would be willing to sponsor him financially, if a rescue would be interested in him!!

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