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Urgent: Help Save Saint, the Pittsburgh Pit Bull!

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by amanda214, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. amanda214

    amanda214 Good Dog


    Saint is a beautiful young male Pit Bull who finds himself in a sad situation. He is currently at an animal control holding facility in the Pittsburgh area. He needs a foster or adopter TODAY. His days are numbered.

    This dog is ONLY ALIVE TODAY because his sweet nature captured the hearts of the officers at animal control. Hello Bully spent time with him yesterday and did a thorough behavioral and temperament evaluation. He is going to be a great companion for the person lucky enough to adopt him. He is stable, good natured and learns quickly. He needs to be neutered, but he cannot recover in the facility where he is currently staying. He will be neutered and fully vaccinated prior to going to a foster or forever home. If you can help us save this wonderful dog, please email adopt@hellobully.com or call 412-235-1997.

    This dog will not make it if we cannot find someone within the coming days. He is a sweet boy who deserves a chance at a great life!

    Donations for his vetting, boarding if needed, and any other costs Saint might incur can be sent to their PayPal email: donate@hellobully.com. They are a non-salaried 501c3 non-profit.
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