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Update! Wedding pics and possible new dog!


Big Dog
Hey guys!

I haven't been so active on here lately. Graduated, got married, and bought a house all within 2 weeks! Whew. Still recovering. Haha. Wanna see some wedding pictures??

My parents





Haha sorry, I loved my wedding!!

Also, my husband really fell in love with the dog my parents have been fostering, so we are officially going to be putting in an application for her. But still waiting to get all moved in first. Her name's Meesha. She's a great, easy dog. I think she's more American Bulldog than pit bull, but she's cute either way.



So anyways, Now I'm in Memphis and really enjoying it. And I know there are a few Memphians here! So hey new neighbors! And I'll let you know if we end up getting Meesha. And hopefully I'll be more active here now!


Good Dog

Congratulations! On everything....that's a ton of life changes at once-it had to be such an exciting couple of weeks. Your wedding looks like it was gorgeous, you should post more pictures!


Big Dog
Thanks! I kind of wish it hadn't all happened at once, so I could appreciate each thing, but at least the stress wasn't prolonged! haha. I'm loving Memphis though!


Big Dog
Here are some more artsy ones.







Grooms cake was cookie dough cupcakes...tastyyyy

Instead of a unity candle, we got water and dirt from Alabama(my home state) and water and dirt from Mississippi(his home state) and combined it with a little dogwood sapling.



Good Dog

Everyone (and everything) looks so pretty. But you look amazing! I love this photo. I love your veil and the way the lighting makes the front of your dress really stand out...I also really like that your bow is doing a little peekaboo...even the colors of the curtains in the background go with your theme/decor.

Your bridesmaids' dresses look SO comfortable. And the ladies look so nice in them. Do you know if they were comfortable?


Big Dog
Thanks everyone! I know everyone thinks their wedding was perfect, but I really think mine was!

And as far as I know, they were comfortable. The dresses were a jerseyish fabric. The weather was perfect, 75 with just a few clouds. I loved the shot with the shoes.


just beautiful, I agree with Jamie, that photo is my favorite too. I didn't have a wedding when I got married, I plan to do one at our 10 year if we can afford it. I hope you all get that pup, she is adorable.


Big Dog
just beautiful, I agree with Jamie, that photo is my favorite too. I didn't have a wedding when I got married, I plan to do one at our 10 year if we can afford it. I hope you all get that pup, she is adorable.

Thanks! I was so worried it would really break the bank but I called in a TON of favors. I got photography and videography for free. A friend made my dress and I just paid for materials. Honeymoon accommodations were free. Wedding coordinator was free. Florist was free. So basically, we have really strategic family-friends. The most expensive thing was the caterer. I wanted to do like a pot-luck style or something but my mom insisted on a good caterer, but dang. Haha. We still got out WAY better than most people.