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Little Dog
Just wondering how long it takes for a puppy's mouth to finish developing...Spuds has lost all his incisors *which are growing in pretty crooked :( * and it looks like he might be developing a slight under bite...just wondering if this looks like one to ya'll...and if it will get any worse or maybe might correct itself?

Will his teeth straighten up as his canines come in?







Banned Back Yard Breeder
It doesnt appear undershot to me...it might creep forward when his adult teeth come in, its hard to say really until he is done teething, but even then the bull terrier jaw moves around a bunch through life. Since he is being altered and not being used for show/breeding its not a big deal, it wont impact his way of life in any way. I wouldn't think he would have one since its more commonly seen in very round headed dogs, but I suppose the lesser heads can get it as well. This thread has loads of info.

International bullterrier forum View topic - undershot


Big Dog
Although thats not a very good pic..His mouth doesn't look that bad ..and i wouldn't class it as undershot ether .....
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Little Dog
ok thanks guys :) Just wondering...my bf is freaking out bc he thinks underbites are ugly....i think its cute out his lower lip juts out just a little bit :)