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Uh-Oh Quick Question


Big Dog
So I just got home to see my roommate's dog (Boston Terrier) got into the pantry and ate a whole loaf of bread. This is the type of bread:


I ran home around 1:45 and did not see anything so I'm guessing she ate it between then and 3:30. That's a whole lot of fiber for such a small dog. My roommate is at work and can't answer her phone. Consulted the internet and some say force a lot of water, some say water will only make it expand.

Dog for size reference:



Big Dog
Got in touch with the roomie. She said not to worry about it even after giving her all the details. It's her dog and shes a vet tech so I won't do anything but I'll keep you posted.


Good Dog
Premium Member
Got in touch with the roomie. She said not to worry about it even after giving her all the details. It's her dog and shes a vet tech so I won't do anything but I'll keep you posted.
Okay dokey.....that's gonna be on BIG poop....... :/

Team Peanut

I wouldn't worry about it lol


Peanut ate a whole bag of bagels once. I called the vet to see if i should bring him in they laughed and said no as long as he didn't eat plastic bag because its bread they will pass it naturally. He did :)
BAHAHA! goofy dog! dont be suprised if late in the night the poor thing feels a bit uncomfortible, maybe vomits a bit here and there, thats alot of food, and jsut like people eating way to much and getting a bit of an upset tummy, itll pass, let her sleep it off.


Good Dog
lmao i wouldn't be concerned unless she ate the bag too, you can try to induce vomiting but sounds like too late, probably going to result in a lot of poop though.


Good Dog
Silly pup. I'll tell my bad dog owner story and hopefully it will make you feel better.

Henry ate 8 slices of pizza one day while on my husband's watch. He's the size of a small APBT. Fairly leggy and skinny, only 31 pounds. He drank a ton of water and had a belly that looked like he'd swallowed a melon. But he was totally fine. He pooped a few extra times and laid around that day, but had no side effects whatsoever.