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Two Pitbulls in one household?

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by shelby.hemi, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. LindseyMic

    LindseyMic Puppy

    I have had numerous APBTs, all of which were inside dogs and I foster through a Bully Rescue Group and we all have multiple dogs within our households all the time. My current girl LOVES all dogs and is much happier and more content when there is another dog in our home. When my fosters get adopted and we are waiting on our next one to be pulled or vetted you can tell she feels like something is missing, she is a little love bug. I actually got her about a year before I lost my last male. He was not as friendly as she is and it took me a long time to find a dog that was compatible with him. We went and met probably a dozen dogs before her, some didn't like him, some he didn't like, but she was a perfect fit. She was submissive to him and knew when he was done playing he was done... she learned that she couldn't be close while he was eating... she learned that he didn't always want to cuddle with her... You know your dog and if you feel like she will be comfortable with another dog then it's worth a shot(especially if you are rescuing, wink wink). If your girl is more dominant you will need to find a dog that isn't. Use good judgment and be careful in picking out a dog that is compatible with her. Probably would be best to go with a male though if she is that way she may have issues sharing her space with another female. My dogs are always under supervision or they are separated, I refuse to chance something happening and me not being there to correct it.
  2. I would choose a male. I constantly have a new pittie in the mix doing rescue and female on female is a mistake I will not let happen again...[​IMG]

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  3. FransterDoo

    FransterDoo Big Dog

    I would look for a goober-doober male that is part of a foster-home based rescue. Bonus if goober-doober was fostered with a queen bee bitch.

    Do a 2-3 week trial to see how all of you feel about the situation.

    Separate when you aren't home, for meal times, chewies, high-value toys.

    Understand that even then shit might happen: scuffle, tiff, drag down fight, anything. Learn to read your dogs and work to diffuse tense situations before they escalate.

    For example, last night we had a lot of gunshots and illegal fireworks. Dogs were crated as soon as it got dark with plenty of food. Because that's the kind of stuff that pisses off a couple of our dogs. So we avoided the problem preemptively.
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  4. Cosmic Charlie

    Cosmic Charlie Good Dog

    I have multiple females and it works just fine. Honestly, it is a random toss up anytime you have a multi-dog household. Multiple males can be an issue and multiple females can cause issues. Obviously, having a multiple dog household is very possible has numerous members here do it. The whole point of this thread was the OP wanted a "friend" for their dog. If that is the only reason for getting a second dog, they may be seriously disappointed. Anyone thinking the same way as they OP and wondering if they should add another dog should take a step back, and then ask themselves if they would have a problem raising two dogs separately for their entire lives. The can love each other, they can hate each other. They may enjoy each other for years and one day need to be separated.
    Any prospective owners looking to adding a second dog needs to seriously ask themselves, if they would have an issue raising two dogs without them ever playing or seeing each other. If the answer is yes, then they shouldn't get another dog. You can never guarantee the outcome of a multi-dog house hold. An owner that is shocked by two dogs hating each other will often leave one dog with out a home. I have seen post on multiple forums of owners being shocked by the new dog not getting along with the old dog. Often that dog get's rehomed or put into a shelter.
  5. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    This is a 2 sided coin subjet. People of the mentality that it should NEVER be done are simply wrong IMO. People who are of the mentality that ALL dogs can be trained to get along are simply wrong too!

    The fact is some dogs will get along fine, others won't. You can't predetermine which ones will or won't. People who say the majority of these dogs won't get along are full of it too. I think it's a much closer 50/50 split maybe even slanted toward more get along. You take the time to put in the effort to work with them and socialize them from young puppy to adult with other dogs the better chance you are going to have of them getting along. It will NEVER be a guarantee though!!! I also think the mentality of they don't crave the company of other dogs is bullshit. Some don't, others do! I have dogs who absolutely LOVE to play with each other. They live to get out in the yard and romp and wrestle. It absolutely irks me when people spew their bullshit just because they've read it on a forum one too many times and that automatically makes it true.

    Now with all that said, yes the possibility will ALWAYS exist that the shit will fly and a fight will break out. Yes it has happened to me and my dogs before. Fact of the matter is if you are not capable and willing to break up a dog fight then you shouldn't have them out together. It will get ugly fast when they get into it. If you're the type of idiot who thinks spraying them with water, grabbing them by them by their back legs, or any other stupid ass Ceasar Milan crap of how to separate fighting dogs then don't do it.

    In the end it's an individual decision and should always be approached as such. Anytime you throw a blanket statement on anything it makes you a fool.

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  6. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    I feel that most have missed that part of the OP. I know full and well that some dogs get along with other dogs. I have 3 males that love/tolerate each other (they don't all feel the same about the others). But the OP was posted with the intention and acquiring one dog as a friend for another. THAT is not wise, IMO. Acquiring a dog for yourself and hoping he gets along with your existing dogs is fine. Looking for a dog that fits your needs as well as your household dynamic is fine. What is not fine is getting a 2nd dog as a companion for an existing dog, as the sole purpose for acquiring said 2nd dog.

    The OP has since stated that separating dogs for life, while not ideal, will be handled appropriately should the time come. I think that's all we could really ask.

    OP, I hope it all works out, regardless of what you choose to do.
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  7. Atheist

    Atheist Good Dog

    I posted with your quote because this is the most informative post I have ever read on the subject of keeping multiple pit bulls. Why, because it demonstrates what is behind the photos when this works out. I have owned multiple pit bulls and both of the dogs were aggressive but adjusted and began living happily together, although both dogs were at very different stages in age and life. It isn't easy and obviously dawnh is not the normal pet owner. I would guess dogs are your life.

    This is my problem, while Kady, Boogieman, Dawnh and others can show beautiful images of a successful multiple pit bull home, it is my opinion that the owners are bigger exceptions to the rule among dog owners than the dogs are among dogs. So if owners like these get dogs of varying degrees of DA they with proper management, experience and LOTS OF TIME to devote to their dogs do very well. By the time they are posting these photos most do not see what has gone into the dogs that we see. The problem I have is it doesn't come with the "experienced professionals only, don't try this at home" disclaimer that would apply to the average my pitty poo needs a buddy pet owner who typically looks to another dog to give to their current dog the time and companionship they themselves don't or can't. Then there is a disaster.

    Yes it can be done, but more often than not the consequences for failure or the effort required for success is the real problem. If you do this you better be fully prepared for the possibility that it can never work with some dogs requiring constant separation, or if it does work it will take substantial time and effort, and as Boogieman said, shit most likely will happen from time to time, some of it very serious and you better be prepared and able to deal with it.

    This is the main reason I do everything in my power to discourage it with most posters, as I figure at least, if they proceed they have been warned and can't claim ignorance to the consequences. Still want to proceed great. When someone asked should is two females better or a male and a female better blah blah blah, while it has some relevance it isn't the formula. The formula is time + effort + more time and more effort + constant supervision + preparedness for whatever can and will not always go smoothly as well as what can go seriously wrong. It's more about the owners motivation and I rarely can see my dog needs a buddy as proper motivation.
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  8. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    Actually I did post that it takes a lot of work from puppy to adulthood AND that even though I have done this I HAVE had fights break out. Those dogs that fought no longer get along either! It isn't an impossible task is my ONLY point and most of the breed isn't near as fucking fight crazy as people lead others to believe. WHEN THEY DO get in a fight though the hard core side of the breed comes out though and if you aren't experienced enough to deal with it, then don't have multiple dogs out at the same time, which I also posted.

    I do whole agree with the average owner who doesn't want to put in the effort or have experience not try it though. Trust me people, if you have 5 dogs out at the same time and 2 of them decide to get into it you aren't going to have a 2 dog fight, you're going to have a 5 dog fight! 99% of people are going to lose their fucking mind and scream like a school girl doing everything under the sun EXCEPT what they should be doing which is STAY CALM, remove one dog at a time from the scrap and go secure them, then come back and continue to do so. Most don't have this ability.

    I also understand experienced owners discouraging newbies from doing it too. I just want the public to know that it is possible. Trust me my dogs are as REAL as any you will find, except of course for Nick lol. He's an ice cube, but even he gets in the mix when the shit flies and he's out. So that is my last .02 on the matter :)
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  9. Tara S.

    Tara S. Puppy

    I just wanted to tell you thank you for such a kind reply to the question. Others had said some kind of hurtful or just "not nice" kinds of things, so not necessary. Your doggies are beautiful.
  10. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    Which is why he can retire here ;) <3 Nic!
  11. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    LOL I will send that lazy bastard to you whenever you want him hehehe :) I love my boy Nick!
  12. phillysmom

    phillysmom Good Dog

    "People of the mentality that it should NEVER be done are simply wrong IMO. People who are of the mentality that ALL dogs can be trained to get along are simply wrong too!"

    I can agree with this statement. Out of the 5 mutts I have, 3 of them can and do get along pretty well, so far. Especially Wallie, even if a strange dog is yapping at him he doesn't even bat an eye. Very non reactive. The 2 males get along well, but the females don't get along with each other, to varying degrees. My female Chloe does very well with both males, even with toys and food in the mix. Out of all the dogs, the males spend the most time together, always supervised of course.

    I would say that the pics of all the cuddling pooches, pretty cute, and I think they are indeed, enjoying each other's company!

  13. I'm not saying it can never be done. Only I have experienced that females, once a couple years of age are less accepting unless its a pup. So an easier ,more likely successful match would be a male.

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  14. Cosmic Charlie

    Cosmic Charlie Good Dog

    It's not unusual to hear other people share the same idea. I personally don't agree and still consider it a complete random toss up on how and if multiple dogs will get along.
    Two males can get along, two males can hate each other. Two females can get along, two females can hate each other.
  15. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo Good Dog

    I agree with Kady, my pit loves to be around other dogs, big and small. I frequently take her to visit her sister whom lives with a friend of mine and they have a blast when they see each other and get to play. I also have a Pomeranian at home and they are best friends, my pit won't even go on a walk without her big (little) brother.
  16. Atheist

    Atheist Good Dog

    Yes I was kinda reiterating your post with some additional comments. Also my mention of your name and others was intended to be complementary because I don't consider you to be typical dog owners. My problem is that I have lost faith in the typical dog owner and pit bulls are never the problem, pit bull owners can be. They are the breeds worst enemy. I always try to discourage the pet bull owner who is hoping for the best scenario, without considering the worst.

    Like you say there is a hard core side of the breed and when I see your dogs sleeping peacefully together on a couch as mine use to, I know their could have been a photo of a 5 dog melee that would have as you say 99% of people loosing their fucking minds and screaming like little school girls while they do everything under the sun except what they should do.

    I say lets try to weed out those 99% before they fail. If a few people who could have pulled it off are scared away, so be it. Better that than having a bunch of others who shouldn't do it attempt it. I really just wish when someone is considering adding a companion dog to their pit bull home, they could be present just one time when two pit bulls go from playing or lounging together to showing their hard core side, then if they feel it is something they are willing to attempt and can manage I say go for it.

    One last point, in some cases it is actually easier to manage hard core consistently DA dogs. Those dogs are very predictable. I know for example my last couple of dogs were extremely dog aggressive even though both got along and lived with each other for a while and one lived happily for years with a chihuahua. The tougher issue is the seemingly colder dogs who for the most part do accept most other dogs right up until their hard core side shows itself in a rarer circumstance. Those are the owners who really get caught off guard and can't understand how dogs who "love" each other can want to kill each other. Come to think of it they are not that different from humans.
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  17. I agree! I will add this...since I rescue dogs I wanted to stand out and I researched (while fostering for another rescue) what works and what doesn't work. I have compiled my own way with adopters and fosters. I have a handful of permanent fosters including myself. We do what I call foster to adopt. If after your app. is approved and you have gone through a two week training course with my trainer( a retired K9 trainer) and filled out the contract after reading my "bully bible" as I call it. Then after the home visit and intros you take the dog that tlwe think be fits you home. At the one month mark we meet up and see where we are (I am in constant contact during that time) you have to allow for adjustments this is why we do 1 month. If you and the bully are happy the we finalize the adoption. If not then you have the option to "foster" another or change to a different breed. As a result I don't have as large a number of pulls from shelters but it's not about quantity to me it's about quality!
  18. Blau

    Blau Big Dog

    A dog aggressive animal is not a 'bad' animal. It is the result of genetics. Additionally, this is dangerous thinking and you're going to get someone's dog killed telling people this.

  19. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    This is load of Cesar Milan horse shit if I ever saw it.

    Every dog CANNOT be a good dog. Simply put there are bad ones and they should be humanely euthanised. Your whole pack blah blah shit is for the birds too. You force every dog to try and be part of a pack and you're asking for a load of trouble. The save em all, love em all, force em all to act one way bullshit is just that........bullshit. Dogs are individuals and need to be approached and treated as such.

    I strongly suggest everybody ignore this load of garbage.
  20. stevespe

    stevespe Little Dog

    Every single dog is different just like every person is. Yes the whole "if you raise them right" thing is BS but some dogs are very social. Yes considering the breed they need more management but they can and thrive with other dogs.....

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