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Tudor's Black Jack

Discussion in 'History Pictures & Reports' started by Vicki, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    by Al Brown

    in all the years i've been messing around these dogs, for whatever its worth, i think the finest line of Pit bulls in every way imaginable that i've ever run into anywhere, was the "black jack" line. they were remarkable.

    earl tudor had the old original "CH black jack". he fought at 56 pounds, and was supposed to have won 16 Pit fights, which may be questionable under modern standards, but none the less he was a fine dog.

    there were four or five outstanding es that were bred to produce the line. dunable had a dog named "jack", a white dog imported from ireland, and old man lightner bred a to him. one of the es from this mating was bred back to the original "black jack". this was the mating that produced my dog, "jack dempsey". "jack dempsey" was, pound for pound, one of the greatest! he won his first fight at the age of ten months. i did a foolish thing in matching him that young, as he was one of them early type dogs. he won that fight in 54 minutes. his last fight was when he was 8 years of age and he won that one in about 50 minutes. from here on, this line continued through the efforts of many men. george peterson was a well to do man who owned a string of moving picture shows he ran down in the ozacks. he finally moved out and went to kansas city, missouri, and he left "CH black jack jr" with earl tudor. earl conditioned and handled mr peterson's dog "CH black jack jr" for all 7 of his fights.

    there was a whole bunch of controversey about who was the better dog of that day, "black jack jr" or "tacoma jack". it's a d**n shame that neither of them met a dog that was quite as good as the other. mr. peterson got a hold of a named "cunningham's nell", who was of pure henry breeding. she was a big Brindle . henry was a gambler and he bred and fought many a dog in his day. he owned the old "black brendy" and "Red nugget", and all that family of dogs, and "cunningham's nell" was 100% that line. she had 2 different litters, probably a year apart, sired by "CH black jack jr", and practically all those pups were aces; the es as well as the dogs. those litters were what actually established the "black jack" line. "CH black jack jr" was one of the original nationally noted champions of that era. these dogs established quite a dynasty in their own right. there were no sullen of psychos in the bunch. they would work anything. most of them were fair sized dogs, 50-52 pounds along in there, but they were hard punishers. most of them would fight a shoulder hold that would disable a dog. they were absolutely, i thought, the gamest, best all around dogs alive.


    Tudor's Black Jack 16XW
    Earl Tudor always named Black Jack as the finest dog he had ever seen. Apparently, the dog was no slouch, as he was many times matched with dogs much heavier than he was, and he always won. As a matter of fact, he was open to whatever was available at any weight. Unfortunately, not much is known about the breeding on this dog, but the word I have is that he was Delihant on the top side and Swineford on his dam's side. That is only hearsay, but his matches are well substantiated, and everyone whom I ever knew who saw him proclaimed him the best!



    He sired GR CH Black Jacks Jr 9xwinner, 9 wins 9 kills.


  2. RickyB

    RickyB Puppy

    Tudor's Black jack,,,


    Tudor's Black Jack Jr,,,
  3. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    Black Jack bloodline went on to produce some of the best conformation staffs in AKC.
  4. RickyB

    RickyB Puppy

    Tudor's Black Jack'Jr ..fake.jpg
    I don't think this is Black Jack 'jr ,,,

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