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Troy, 1-2 yr old Injured Pit mix, Bladen AC - Elizabethtown NC

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by ladyred, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. ladyred

    ladyred Puppy

    I volunteer with A Shelter Friend in Elizabethtown, NC. We are desperately looking for a rescue for Troy. He has a donation toward his care, he just has nowhere to go. He will be PTS on Monday without a commitment.





    Troy is a deep red brindle pit/boxer mix boy whose time is up. He is EXTREMELY sweet, and the volunteers sincerely believe he deserves a second chance.

    He has been at AC before, and the owners came to claim him that time so AC believed they would again come to claim him, but this time upon checking, his owners bailed on him.

    It appears Troy is probably good with other dogs. He has not been in with others, but he has been both kenneled and caged in the area where dogs are moved in and out throughout the day. He does not bark or lunge or even act interested except when a person stops in front of him and offers some attention. Volunteers walked dogs up to his gate and his only reaction is a wag of the tail.

    He is 60-65 lbs; not neutered.

    When Troy was picked up by animal control they noticed that he had something wrong with his right front leg so they took him to the vet for treatment. Troy is still at the vet's office and his right front leg may be broken. Troy will be put down on MONDAY IF HE DOES NOT GET RESCUED BEFORE THEN. Troy is very friendly and just wants to be petted and loved. I'm putting this out there in case someone would like to sponsor Troy's injury or by the grace of God a rescue would be willing to save Troy from certain death. He's such a sweet dog and were not sure how his leg became broken, but I think I may have a pretty good idea. Can someone help poor Troy?

    If you can help him, please contact Silvia at 910-876-0539 for more details. We are really hoping for a rescue or adopter to step up for this sweet fellow to give him the second chance and love he certainly deserves. Transport can be obtained at a reasonable cost.
  2. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    poor baby:( i hope a rescue will save him, he's so adorable :aww: :hug:
  3. ladyred

    ladyred Puppy

    Just an update this morning on Troy from the volunteer:

    He is wonderful with other dogs. He played with an intact male, no problems, (hobbling around of course). Calm and well-mannered. He knows come and stay. He knows kennel. You can stick your hand in his food bowl, no problem. He will not poop in his run, so we think he's housetrained. He's good on a leash. Dogs he's with have food in their bowls with no problem. Kennel person says he's awesome! She LOVES him.
    We are desperately trying to save him. Any crossposting is so appreciated.
  4. ladyred

    ladyred Puppy

    Troy is safe with a boxer rescue. :)

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