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Trixy.. My SBT puppy

Discussion in 'SBT Pictures' started by Squirt, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Squirt

    Squirt Puppy

    I dont have that good of pictures yet but her she is..

    Her name is Trixy 4.5 months old born on Oct 31 '10 hence the name.
    I picked her up for free from a breeder that had 2 left and wanted to get rid of the last of them....so i jumped on the chance. All pups looked the same as she with the black spots.

    both parents were on site and the dad was a mean ass...couldnt even get close to him ...mom was as nice as could be.

    say hello to my new little friend:)

    will the pink in her go away? or will it cause problems for me in the future?

  2. Krista

    Krista Krypto Super Dog

    She is adorable! :) I think the pink is just the pigment of her skin. As she gets older she may get darker you never know. Just enjoy her. :)
  3. ellie@ny

    ellie@ny Little Dog

    She's very cute!:)
    What do you mean by this statement?:confused:
  4. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    what a sweetie :aww:
  5. coopdog

    coopdog Little Dog

    Her sire sounds like he has a undesireble temp.
  6. krk11

    krk11 Puppy

  7. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    The pup is adorable!! I hope both the parents were of sound temperament, and that you have nothing but the best of luck with your pup, she's a cutie! :)
  8. Tara4Cookie

    Tara4Cookie Puppy

    :)She Is Beautiful On Of My Girls Are The Exact Same But In Brown:cool:
  9. Squirt

    Squirt Puppy

    Trixy is about 13.5" and somewhere in the 18.5 lbs range....and is so much like a little baby...lays in my arms and falls righ asleep and snores away...LOL

    the sire was very agressive but the mom was as gentle as could be...

    with Trixy being so young i dont see any un wanted signs yet....but i think it is good to have some aggression as long as its controlable.
    She plays with my APBT mix and they get along great but the older ones still puts her in her place being so much taller than Trixy...but that will change when she gets some height and weight to her....LOL

    my pup is a ball of hyperness so funny at at times.

    she lost her first tooth lastnight, i found it on the chair....guess i gotta be the tooth fairy and get her something.
    is it ok to get her a chew toy? or will that cause the rest of her teeth to come out to soon?
  10. ellie@ny

    ellie@ny Little Dog

    She's a good size for her age!
    Yes you should get some chewing toys,like Nylabones,kongs etc.

    Human aggression is NOT a desired temperament in this breed, it's a shame that some so called "breeders" don't give a *BEEP* about it.A dog that's HA shouldn't be bred.
    Lets hope she will have a sound temperament as she grows up.
  11. Jamielvsaustin

    Jamielvsaustin Good Dog

    These two comments really stand out to me. Good breeders would avoid both of these situations.

    I wouldn't associate with them anymore, if I were you.

    You've got your girl now-as cute as can be. Lets just hope she came away with her mother's temperament. Good luck!
  12. Squirt

    Squirt Puppy

    i dont understand the post above?..

    he had 2 left and didnt want to be stuck with them so gave me one...i dont see one bit of a problem with that....its like your saying a good breeder would only sell and not give... the guy works with my ex step son so that may be why he gave it to me.

    nah the breeder was extremely nice.....the sire was just that way cause he made it as a guard dog i suppose...i dont know.. Dogs are what you make of them, right? at what age would human aggression show up? if there was any?

    one comment that he did make was that if the dog was to be used for fighting i could turn around and take my butt back where i came from....lol

    so its all good.
  13. ellie@ny

    ellie@ny Little Dog

    I don't have any issues with giving away puppies to the right homes.
    This part that bothers me:

    "the sire was just that way cause he made it as a guard dog i suppose...i dont know.."

    Lets say he was trained as a guard dog, he still shouldn't act like that.
    If you were NOT threathening his family(which I assume), then he shouldn't act aggressive towards to you.
    I have met many great personal protection dogs/sport dogs and never had an issue petting them.
    They have to know when to "work" and when not.
    It looks like to me he had a bad behavior not a trained behavior.
    And this is why the "breeder" shouldn't do the breeding in the first place.
    Human aggression is genetic.
    If it was me in the yard and seeing the dog act like that,I would've turned around and leave right away.

    Again lets hope your girl won't have any issues....
  14. Squirt

    Squirt Puppy

    ahhh ok....now i see what your talkin about.

    only time will tell i guess but for now she's my little girl..;)

    shes so funny running around...follows me everywhere as soon as i get off the chair she can be in a deep sleep and will pop up and bee bop across the floor to follow me.
  15. Jamielvsaustin

    Jamielvsaustin Good Dog

    I think it's the words you are (or he is) using. Stuck with them...get rid of them. True breeders don't feel that way. They would happily keep all of their dogs if they didn't feel that appropriate homes were available. I'm not saying you're not appropriate...just that it isn't typically like that. But like you mentioned-you have a tie to him, so maybe this situation is different.

    I'd keep a close eye on Trixy-based on her father's background. HA can show up at anytime at any age. Not all dogs are what you make them out to be, some of them have bad genetics...the only way you'll know is when it happens.
  16. Squirt

    Squirt Puppy

    i think she will be ok......we'll see.....i went to petsmart today to get her weighed and she walked in with me and followed me around without a leash, i was impressed.... i forgot it at the house.

    anyways she weighed in at 21.7lbs. I was like wow!

    good wieght at only 4.5 months old and these girls only top out at 34ish fromw what ive read.
  17. Jrm1985Ohio

    Jrm1985Ohio Good Dog

  18. Elvia

    Elvia Little Dog

    She is sooo adorable!!:D gotta love her spots too!
  19. kyle199

    kyle199 Little Dog

    she is very cute.
    but as many people here are saying Human Aggression in Staffys is a big no no.. they were bred for their human friendlyness. my 3 staffys have never growled at a human ever, and no other staffys i have everr met.
    thats the way it should be.
  20. SouthernThistle

    SouthernThistle Good Dog

    A quality personal protection dog is of sound and solid temperament (doesn't show aggression until its family/person it is supposed to protect is threatened.) Anything else, and it's a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

    Cute puppy. There is a breeder in my area who has three dogs at the moment. Her dam...and two of its puppies that didn't sell. She doesn't do the "have to get rid of them" type of thing. She waits until the right owner comes along no matter how long that may take.

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