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Training Help Please!

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier Training' started by DottieRose, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. DottieRose

    DottieRose Puppy

    I need some help with training my bull terrier puppy. I need tips on how to control the constant licking and jumping up as well as the constant pulling when she is on the leash . It is starting to push my boyfriend and I over the edge because we can't get a handle of her.
  2. Dray

    Dray Bull Terrier Moderator

    From what i've read you need to be firm but fair with a BT puppy.
    Where did you get him/her from and have you contacted the breeder for guidance ? This should have been the your first point of cantact and if they are reputable i am sure they will be able to add there years of experience in training BT Pups:sonn_u11:

    However if this is not an option then please explain a little bit more of what you are experiencing and what you are doing at the moment to try and correct his/her behavoir:)

    Speak to you again soon and i really hope you can talk to your breeder or maybe there is a BT person close to where you live???
    Have you contacted the American Bull Terrier Club to see if there is anyone in your area who can pop round and show you some hands on techniques???
    You will find the link here;


    Dray x
  3. novadogmom

    novadogmom Puppy


    you need to be the boss.

    if your dog has a lot of energy then it needs more exercise.
    a tired dog is a lot easier to train

    yelling or becoming agitated is only going to make you look weak in your dogs eyes.

    be confident. tell your dog what to do and make it do that.

    if you need more help message me
  4. How old is the puppy?

    What is it licking? What is it jumping up on/at?

    Theres a variety of methods to stop the pulling on the leash but in all cases the above comments apply.
  5. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

  6. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member

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