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Training and Socializing Puppies

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by Patch O' Pits, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. mspair

    mspair Little Dog

    Try starting/posting this as a new thread in the training section. You will likely get more responses there. I am going to leave the advice to people more knowledgeable on this than myself.
  2. Shattal

    Shattal Puppy

    Thank you very much for all the advice, loved the post!

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  3. wild billy

    wild billy Puppy

    Socialise him with people and dogs as much as you can i take my 6 month old the park twice a day with the kids to play with other dogs, socialiseation is the key to make him a friendly dog you need to do it as much as possible

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  4. jayla1279

    jayla1279 Puppy

    Hi ccpr1,
    Your dogs are so cute. It's wonderful to read they appreciate each other. I don't have any experience with carpet mills but I hope someone has helped you out...
  5. Brandi L Law

    Brandi L Law Puppy

    I understand why it was stated about the OFF LEASH parks but I have to disagree with the sentament as this can be applied to any dog in general except that the pit type breed does have the added stigma. If your pit (used as a general to cover all pit type breeds such as staffis too) is well socialized and fixed there should be almost no worry about having them off leash just as if you had a different large powerful breed BUT people do have to realize the pit breeds are more prone to dog aggression as a trait so FULL REGULAR socialization with dogs, any and different kinds and sizes AND AGES is a must! I am fortunate that my lab/pit (half and half fully) at age 6 is a wonderful and socialized dog but still has energy and is dominant. She is a great teacher for our new 11 week old half american pit terrier and half american staff terrier. I do not forsee any qualms about using our many off leash parks with him as he grows EXCEPT for the off leash walk trails in the city that are multi use because MANY people that do not have well behaved dogs will use them and this can be a trigger if too early in the training. I would go to one of our off leash parks that 90% are filled with people that have decently socialized dogs their. Even the bikes that ride there are very aware of the off leash dogs and it's mostly understood that the dogs can very likely run in front of them but that the dogs should be trained enough that they shouldn't aggressivly try to chase them!
  6. KayinLA

    KayinLA Puppy

    I'd really love some advice on socialization on a personal level. I've got kind of a unique situation coming up a month after I bring home my pit bull puppy that I'll be picking up in a week or two. If anybody wants to offer any advice, please ask.
  7. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 18, 2014
  8. mekeasler

    mekeasler Puppy

    I am having horrible trouble with my pup learning to sit. He gets so excited whenever I get a treat that he can't seem to sit. His butt will hit the ground and he is immediately bouncing up and down trying to get the treat. I use the technique that you described and i keep the treat fisted now so he can't "steal" it or make me drop it. I think manners are very important and sitting is a manner as well as a safety thing for me. He comes wonderfully and has since the first day I got him, but anything I try to work with and use treats seems useless. You would think he doesn't get fed the way he acts. lol. I would appreciate any tips or tricks you can give me.
  9. DBC

    DBC Puppy

    Very informative and extremely helpful. Thank you.
  10. Brittni4ever

    Brittni4ever Puppy

    Thank you Patch for this post. I found it really helpful. and also Drgnrdr for the checklist!
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