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Training and Socializing Puppies

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by Patch O' Pits, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Vegasrex

    Vegasrex Banned

    Just take them places; dog park, around the neighborhood letting the kids pet them, whatever. It's not that difficult to socialize them. Don't be a lazy owner...walk them and take them places and they will turn out great. I work 10 hours a day and even when I'm freakin' drained after work I still make sure my boy gets to at least cruise the neighborhood, even if it's only for 10-20 minutes. They need that. Pitbulls are FULL of energy and if they don't have any release of that energy, they will act out. If I'm just running to the store for a beer, even though its a quick trip, I will take him with me. Look at life through their eyes, would you want to be couped up 24/7? Hell no! They have no control over their lives, we do, and since we are responsible for all aspects of their lives; when they eat, drink, sleep, get treats, etc. we as APBT owners (or owners of any breed) need to step up and do what is right. Treat your dogs the way you would want to be treated if you had someone else controlling your whole life. If you want want to have the best dog you have ever had or will ever have in your entire life, your first step is getting a pitbull, your final step is following the instructions above.
  2. StevenNeill

    StevenNeill Puppy

    I tried to register on the site for thevlink you gave but can find no way to register. It gives a log in option but not an option to register...possibly because I am on a smart phone?
  3. mgnbrn105

    mgnbrn105 Puppy

    I have 10 31/2 week old pitbull puppies. Today I mixed crushed puppy food with Milk replacer and fed them for the first time. It was a very long dragged out process. Im hoing people on here can give me some tips on easier ways to feed them until there teeth are fully in and they start chewing. Thankyou ​

  4. Ktebug

    Ktebug Puppy

    Lot of great info ! I have a 5 1/2 month old rescue. She has been heavily socialized, but still barks at everything new (ducks, plastic bags, other dogs, ect) do you have any training tips/advice on how to break this ? I believe it's fear related. Thanks !
  5. Very helpful! I just got a pitt mix puppy, he's 3.5 months old, can I still teach him these things? He's not fully potty trained, but we are working on it.
  6. LeTigra

    LeTigra Good Dog

    HEEEEYYY!!! You follow me on Instagram!!! (pallavesta) Welcome!!!
  7. kamikaze

    kamikaze Good Dog

    :ummm:..... Mmmm Yea, You should def be working on all of the things especially those in the first page. Don't be lazy about it either! Its not just a puppy thing, you should cont' to do these things through out your dogs life. IMO, Puppy-2/3 years is the most important time for learning. Although, Your dog can learn anything at any time, later in life might prove to be a lil harder and take more time!
  8. rustyboy

    rustyboy Puppy

    Wow! just the information I need right now for my 3 months old am bully. My rusty boy wants to play with my wife's japanese spitz so I'm actually trying to find information on how to socialize my T-boy. Thanks for this great sticky. Without this my wife will not talk to me if her japanese spitz will be torn apart by my am bully. :)
  9. Katey

    Katey Puppy

    I have to brag a little.

    I took Jones to the vet today for his 12 week shots. (He not weighs 13.5 lbs [6.1kg]) and he let the vet feel him up and look him over, open his mouth and his eyes, and do vet things to him. On our way out, I was chatting to the vet about food for him (here in South Africa we don't have nearly as much of a range of food available to us. At this point I have Hills, Iams, Eukanuba, and Royal Canin available - the vet said she hasn't ordered Acana or Origen because of lack of interest from pet owners here), anyway, while I was chatting to her, a man came in with a big old Labrador and Jones made a move toward him to sniff him out, but came back and sat next to me when I called him, and then when the man said his dog wouldn't mind I allowed Jones to approach and he did the sideways walk thing, and let the dog sniff him and then came to and jumped around like a crazy thing wanting to get the old dog to play with him.

    The people at the vet think he is the most gorgeous dog ever, and Jones loves visiting them. (they give him treats)
  10. HezCacc

    HezCacc Puppy

    My puppy always play bites my hands and toes ouch! I say ouch in a loud voice and I try to ignore him I read that and he will stop. Is this normal behavior for a ten week old I don't want him to have a habit of biting
  11. jeriibearii

    jeriibearii Puppy

    I don't know if this was said or not but what do you do when people (in my case my neighbors) get the pups all excited, let them bite their clothing, fingers, etc and I don't want the boys to think that is acceptable behavior.. They are 9 weeks today. Usually they will be outside when I'm bringing the boys out to go potty and they are just a really big distraction.. Or maybe I'm just antisocial? Lol
  12. amarch

    amarch Puppy

    This was extremely helpful! I am going to print off the list and make sure I don't forget any! Thanks so much.
  13. I need help my puppy won't stop biting when play time is over and she is aggressive when she has a rawhide. How can I brake her of these things. Please help

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  14. Rnlauren

    Rnlauren Puppy

    Great info! Thanks!
  15. Julie&Jane

    Julie&Jane Puppy

    my only thought would be that you need to make sure you have your puppy around well behaved dogs. they can learn a lot from them, and will watch their every move. I thought jane how to shake by watching my friends older pit louie do it. it was amazing!
  16. duce0708

    duce0708 Puppy

    My pup is 8 months old and I've had her in training classes and I've tried so hard to get her to come with her name and she won't respond. I know I'm doing something wrong but i don't know what. Can someone help me?

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  17. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    What advice does your trainer give?
  18. vixxi

    vixxi Puppy

    Amazing info thanks

    found the last piece of the jigsaw...... her name is Tinx :)
  19. ccpr1

    ccpr1 Puppy

    Hi I am a 70 year old male and my wife and[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] I just rescued a two year old red nose pit two months ago. Her name is LuLu and she is the most loving dog. We have never had a pit in our home and have never even known anyone how raised a pit but I have always believed it not the breed but how they are raised. We just don't want to make any mistakes with her. Until about 10 months age we had a pair of brothers yellow labs now 10years old Dakota and Tucker who was the runt of the litter. I have dogs all my life well 10 months ago we lost Dakota to Cancer and Tucker misses his brother so much he would wander through out the house looking for Dakota. So after adopting LuLu he has stop doing that has a lot more energy how ever when we walk them both Tucker is huffing and puffing but LuLu isn't even breathing hard so I have decided to walk them together and then LuLu by herself and that worked for a while but here in Colorado the winter are cold and at my age I can't do the cold very well. luLu is full of energy. She needs to be exercised all the time. So after the Book I wrote my question is I have been thinking about buying a carpet our slat mill but they are quit expensive and I am not sure she will us it or even it they work. If I knew they work I will get one as soon as possible. So if anyone has ever used our knew anyone who has PLEASE let me know! Here are a few pic's of LuLu and Tucker.
    Thank You

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  20. I appreciate all of these posts, I just am so far having one major issue with my puppy. He is 16 weeks old now and he is an extremely good dog. Potty-trained, good with my family and especially my baby sister who is 4 years old. My only issue I am having with him right now is when I walk him around outside on his leash. If he sees somebody else on the sidewalk he absolutely freezes and sits and is almost stunned it seems. I am not sure how to break him of this unless I should just continue walking him around people. The last issue I am currently facing is this of him being aggressive around new people that come into my home. I have friends and family coming in my home all the time and if he doesn't know them he will back away tail between his legs and run right over to me like daddy who or what is this new thing in my home. People will slowly approach him and he will growl or start to yelp as they approach him closer. So I just have them back off so he doesn't feel enclosed. My mom is worried about him biting someone in the future (which I don't think he would do) but she is worried, as a mother would be. I just need help because I would like to wean him of this habit myself without professional help. Please help me out guys! Thanks!

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