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Training and Socializing Puppies

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by Patch O' Pits, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Gatlinsmommy

    Gatlinsmommy Little Dog

    That's good to know! I want him to be as well trained as possible! I have even thought about doing the good citizen training and test with him when he gets older. I think he and other would really like that! He's too cute not to! So tomorrow I am going to start training him! Now can I use little pieces of his food to train him instead of using treats?

    Thank you about the picture! I happen to like it as well ;)
  2. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    ABSOLUTELY. However using a smelly piece of cheddar cheese or a slice of chicken or steak may be more enticing to the pup. But a pup with really good food drive won't care what you use LOL

    Just make sure to make the training sessions realllllllly short. Only a couple of minutes here and there throughout the day. Pups have short attention spans and this will help them learn faster and you not get frustrated LOL:sonn_u11:

    Clicker and marker training works great with pups too and you might want to look into that as well
  3. Gatlinsmommy

    Gatlinsmommy Little Dog

    I was planning on starting off with making him sit for his food like I do with my older dogs, and at each feeding time telling him to sit, and when he gets consistent with that, then move on to something else.

    He loves his food! I have him on Natural Balance (I work at Petco), so he is very motivated to get his food! Which reminds me, it's 6:30, it's time for me to feed the babies.

    After he gets the sit, should I move on to down or is there a good line of training?
  4. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    I always teach come first because to me it is the most important command. Along with that I usually each a watch me or look command.
    Then usually sit, stand and down. Stay is sort of implied because I teach a release command with the sit and down . I don't add a formal stay command until they are a bit older and can focus for more than a few minutes at a time.

    The order progression is really just personal preference and what I found was easiest
    for me.

    I like to use meals times as training times and will sit and hand feed still with adults at times when training. That is a great time to work on "Watch me " and even leave it commands too
  5. Gatlinsmommy

    Gatlinsmommy Little Dog

    Hmm, He pretty much has the come command down. We could probably work on it a little better, but when we take him out to potty, when it is time to come in, I squat down, say here Gatlin, clap my hands, and he comes running with his tail wagging, then runs up the stairs. I love to train at feeding times! I did that with my older doggies. I have them sit, I put down their food bowls, tell them wait, then say go ahead while I point to their food, I love it because my boxer/chocolate lab mix has drool coming out of his mouth while he waits for me to say go ahead. I found bother of my other doggies, and they were a few months old, and were already started on training, so having a new puppy is new for me, and I want to make sure that I do things right. I want to be sure that I make a good example of Gatlin so I can show him off to all of those that think pits are vicious dogs. *Stupid people* I have done so much research, but I want to do things right. Even if I didn't have a pit, just for any puppy I want to make sure I do it right. New mommy syndrome I guess.
  6. Moses

    Moses Puppy

    i think training can start right away...we had Moses sitting at 7wks!
  7. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    Absolutely... Actually, in the best case scenario training and socialization should start at the breeder's house way before pups go to their new homes.
  8. Gatlinsmommy

    Gatlinsmommy Little Dog

    My best friend has the mom pit, and the difference with Gatlin is I was there for his birth. I saw all 9 puppies birthed, and I was the first to hold him when he came out. She has 4 other dogs (2 beagles, the pit and a boxer/sharpe mix. Plus I always brought Buster and Daisy over as often as I could, and her mom had her dogs come over every once and a while. She started training them at 3 weeks. She and I have sort of raised these pups, and I feel very attached to all of them. It was a very special exprience for me. Especially since I am starting vet school, tomorrow... She did a great job raising them. The both of us also wrote up a 5 page contract and made all who were getting a pup sign it saying that they couldn't train to fight, they will spay/neuter, neglect, etc. that the pup would be taken away from them at their expense, and would be placed with me or an other home. He's good at sitting now... I think we are going to work on down starting next week.
  9. Cowboy

    Cowboy Little Dog

    Much of this material I have known, some new ideas too... thanks for the shares.
  10. chloebug09

    chloebug09 Puppy

    YaY great post! I'll be trying it all out for Chloe b/c she is just something else! We are still working on the whole nipping/biting issue. Some days I feel like she's getting better but man the bad days suck! lol. She got me on the neck today...after my brother got her all riled up!! I could have rung his neck for that. I don't play with her agressively and when other ppl do she wants to "chew" on me for some reason or another. Although I'm her cuddle partner at night..lol...
  11. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    LOL A tired pup is a better behaved one so try getting her interested in games like fetch and tug and get some of that energy out:lol:. I'm glad things are going well. A drivy pup certainly can be a challenge. Hang in there and it will be well worth the extra work.
  12. chloebug09

    chloebug09 Puppy

    Do you have any suggestions on the "biting/chewing/wth out of the blue pouncing?" lol. The last one I know she wants to play. However, she's agressive with me and with my five year old son. Granted he's a little "off" and plays with her ruff (work in progress there) which is why we chose a puppy instead of an adult Pit. With me I have no Idea why she chooses to be so ruff with me but then when all is said and done for the day she only wants me and only wants to sleep on me or near me. She isn't agressive with anyone else unless they are playing tug with her. I've used Bitter Apple, Picking her up and telling her NO (face to face), placing her away from everyone for about five minutes or so. She just doesn't know when enough is enough.....Like you said though it will be worth the extra work bc she really is a sweet girl when she's not chewing on me..LOL
  13. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    Besides what is already posted...Keep a short tab lead on her so she can't trip on it but you have something to hold while you redirect her, LOL keep treats in your pockets or have a treat bag on you at all times to work on opportunistic spur of the moment training. It doesn't hurt to keep an extra toy in your shirt to pull out when needed as well. I know that sounds weird but it is helpful.

    Giving commands once she has learned them like, Off, sit and down are also a huge help. Involve your son in the training too as much as you can. It will help them both learn together.
  14. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    Patch.... Bella is on her way to spend a couple of weeks with you! :D
  15. chloebug09

    chloebug09 Puppy

    I agree Mollie...LOL. Chloe is on her way to Patch..LOL. I can see my three kids giggling at me now with dog toys hanging out my shirt...lmao. but hey what ever helps right!! I'm also going to buy the dog whisperer book and probably spend the money on a trainer. We have been working on SIT/WATCH ME and Come. She's actually very smart and attentive when the kids are not distracting her.
  16. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    heheh She can come , but she may go home a spoiled brat!:lol:

    After she really understand what is expected of her . It will good to train those same skills with the distractions so she learns to deal with them better. It is best to have her on lead while practicing at this point because of the kids and her energy level.

    LOL Well I learned the hard way that having a good toy around is helpful...when Apache (my oldest) when she was a pup pulled my sweatpants down one morning when I was walking her because I had strings untied :o. Good thing it was really early and no one was around.

    I also had holes in pretty much every pair of socks I owned from her grabbing them when I walked.

    I love a pup with good drive, but they can be a handful until they are under control and it doesn't happen overnight.

    Apache taught me a lot. More than any book could and is why I love the breed so much. Though many a night I sat there thinking; wow I'll never be able to train this dog. So, I understand when people get frustrated with pups because she was the queen of testing me and even at 11 years old sometimes reverts to her silly puppy antics.

    They grow up way to fast! Enjoy every minute of the puppy fun!:sonn_u11:
  17. chloebug09

    chloebug09 Puppy

    OH YEA I have holes in pants, shirts, you name it I probably have a lovely hole in it...lol. I luff my Chloe =D I've made up my mind on getting her a trainer. The lady has a APBT and three giant breed dogs of her own and does rescues/behavioral problems ect. So I really think she's going to teach me a lot and the kids as well. So I'm super excited =D I learn best by being shown ...not reading a book..lol. Guess I'll always be that way!
  18. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    Hands on is the best way for many people to learn when training. A book can't take into consideration all the variables involved with an individual dog IMO . Though of course some books can be very helpful.
  19. dieselsmom

    dieselsmom Puppy

    we have issues with my pit bull cross puppy that i have never had before so this posting will help. well right now the main issue is nipping she just wont stop no matter what we do. we have had a trainer work with her she stops for a day or two then starts all over again. i know how to do the other commands just this nipping thing my male pit bull was that way with other people but not with me and it took us a little while with him but he was play nipping my sereniti seems to bite more then nip i guess what can i do now?:sonn_u11:
  20. Lacie

    Lacie Puppy

    Patch..thank you for the info. most interesting..but i need to know what a 'clicker' is lol forgive my ignorance thank you

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