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took in an adult bull terrier overweight

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier Health' started by melanime, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. melanime

    melanime Puppy

    I recently took in an adult bull terrier about 4 days ago, he seems over weight. He was chained too a wall and was feed but wasn't walked. His previous owner only de wormed him once a month and has no vaccines ( dont worry we plan to vaccinate him) Up until now he only barks at night and has shown no sign of aggression ( thank god) only too another male bull terrier and my pit bull puppy. Kids have petted him and seems too tolerate kids. He doesn't mind strangers petting him. He even let me bathe him only haven meet for a few hours. His testicles are abnormally big since he was bitten by a spider before he was brought home. I have too give an antibiotic injection but im afraid of him. I took him in because i felt that he needed a better home, instead of where he was previously living and walking on his own feces. The previous owner said he was a very calm dog and even played with his kids and up until now like i said he has shown no sign of aggression he may bark at you, but my brother says its because his seeking attention, once you get near him and start petting him he doesn't bark. My brother is the one that walks him and plays with him. Advice on how too act and win him over if possible ? Im working with my fear of dogs, since i also just recently adopted a blue nose pit bull puppy that was living in a 2 room apartment.
  2. Kamdon

    Kamdon GRCH Dog

    You sure have taken on a lot of responsibility for someone that is afraid of dogs and has no experience.

    I'm glad you are here and trying to learn. But try not to overwhelm yourself with taking on more than you can handle.

    Good luck ;)

    Check out some of the stickies in the health and nutrition section. There is a lot of helpful info in there for you
  3. Kojac

    Kojac Little Dog

    Well said Kamdon.

    But do try to take things one day at a time. Don't rush yourself or your new dogs. You are in the right place. Tons of great info and good people. Take it easy and good luck.
  4. Sherman

    Sherman Puppy

    I agree. I'm not sure why you took on this responsibility if you are scared of dogs. If you do not have much experience with Bull breeds I would recommend finding a reputable trainer that can assist you and help you feel more comfortable working with your dogs.
  5. Sherman

    Sherman Puppy

    Good luck. I do think it is great you are helping a dog in need. If you find the right help and put in some time/dedication you and your dogs should benefit greatly.
  6. momtosadie

    momtosadie Big Dog

    It's been my experience that dogs gravitate to the people that pay the most attention to them. If you want him to become attached to you, I would be the one to feed him, pay lots of attention to him, lots of petting and talking to him. There is nothing wrong with other family members walking him too, but you should be doing this too and be the one training him. Dogs thrive on attention just like people. And give him time to adjust, he's lived one kind of life for a long time and it takes a while for them to change. Good luck.
  7. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    I appreciate what you are doing, but, with bully breeds, you really cannot show any type of apprehention towards them, otherwise they will use that to there advantage and learn to walk all over you, bully breeds are incredibly smart and know how to get away with things, im not saying aggression, but jumping up on people, stealing food off your plate, going poty in he house, and overall ignoreing you.
    so while this is a wonderful gesture on your part, i think you would be much better off contacting a Bull Terrier rescue nearest you and maybe rehoming hte pitbull puppy and finding a older laid back already been trained dog to help you over- come your fear of dogs as a young puppy and a bull terrier with few manners is NOT a good fit for you.

    the only reason i say it would be best to rehome the puppy is because, hes going ot need a firm consistant owner as he grows, he is going to need you to not be fearful of disciplining him or if he is getting worked up over another dog for you to physically grab the lead and get his attention should that happen, or with this Bull Terrier, he is going to need you to never be fearful or even apprehensive to approach him ash e will see that and use that to get away with things, just like a kid with the new babysitter too timid to say "no" they go nuts getting into the cupboards for cookies or climbing up on the table because mom isnt there. and if you donot plan on keeping this dog, its going to be no help to someone who does want to adopt him.

    here are some rescues you can contact who are extremly helpful

    btca rescue website-http://www.btca.com/btca_rescue/rescue_frame.htm
    this page has numbers of rescuers in TX-http://www.btca.com/btca_rescue/rescue_frame.htm
    another in TX-http://www.texasbullterrier.org/rescue_information.html
  8. Bigsambully

    Bigsambully Puppy

    Yes bull terriers will take advantage if YOU let them it's highly unlikely that his barking is aggression but as your brother said he's seeking attention look up on the breed they thrive off human attention but are also stubborn and hard headed. I certainly wouldnt recomend eithe breed to someone who is fearful or prehensile around dogs you need to be the alpha before he jinks he is.
  9. Bigsambully

    Bigsambully Puppy

    Btw they are more bulky than pit bulls it's a different type o muscle pits are usually more lean than bull terriers so he may not be overweight but just broader than a Pitt
  10. x 2.

    If you have ANY fear or apprehension of this dog, being a rescue dog who need work already, I would definately contact a BT rescue that is well equipped to handle/work with him. I'm sure your intentions are good, but you are hurting this dog more than helping it.

    Also, if you are apprehensive or have a fear of dogs as you stated, bull breeds are not the best type of dogs to start out with, for many many reasons....some mentioned above.

    You also mention you also recently took in/rescued an apbt puppy. It takes a special level of ownership to handle/own a bull breed. You will be challenged with the pup you already have, and adding to that is not helping you nor is it really fair to the pup you already took in.
  11. Mrpedigree

    Mrpedigree Big Dog

    Dont feed the troll :no2::lol:

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