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Nat Ursula

Good Dog
20200123_205048 (1).jpg
Here is a recent picture of Tonka. That was a good day with a car ride, meat at all her meals, and a really nice walk with really nice temps!!! She was content!

Capt. Roxy

Good Dog
Premium Member
Thank you! It is a cute t-shirt. It says, "MVP Most Valuable Partier!"
Lol! How did it go with the chews? How long are they allowed to have them for? I just ordered a new flirt pole!! Hoping it gets here soon. Also need my lawn guy to come ASAP! He did his spring cleaning and never came by for the cutting. You should see the grass where they go potty, it’s a JUNGLE


Nat Ursula

Good Dog
Roxy looks great!

Tonka's chew is almost gone and she chewed it for 1-1 1/2 hrs!
Teddy's was 3-4 inches thick and he has about %80 left. I've bee letting them chew 30 min. at a time.

Nat Ursula

Good Dog
She’s so cute. I never did get those for my two.... They’re sending new replacements after making me jump through hoops! Why would I lie about not receiving stupid rawhides??! Made me so mad. Lol

Since you are a first-time customer that is really bad.