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Thoughts on Kurupt bloodline .

Discussion in 'Bully Breeder Discussion' started by Tangledupinblue, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. My pup is 75% Razors Edge and 25% Kurupt . I am familiar with RE but don't know much about Kurupt . Is Kurupt a well thought of bloodline ? Any info and all opinions are welcome . thanks, keith .
  2. CallSignOWL

    CallSignOWL Good Dog

    eh, I dont place much weight on bloodlines. Most ambullies are pretty scatterbred, so anyone spouting off about bloodlines is mostly using it as a marketing gimmick to sell more pups
  3. Bullydog75

    Bullydog75 Puppy

    Unless you have a pedigree and do some research , then you may be able to see all the scatterbred dogs . Like all those edge, gotti and remy dogs . Im sure they have know documentation of the generations , buy I bet they all would if you were talking about APBT, lol
  4. apbt luver

    apbt luver Puppy

  5. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

    Is the ped posted correct ? If so,that dog is not 100% RE.
  6. ConMan

    ConMan <b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo

    Agreed I only see maybe 50%... idk if im seeing the whole thing my phone either.

    Sent from my Galaxy S3 using Tapatalk.
  7. apbt luver

    apbt luver Puppy

    Yes, unless it wouldn't be verified. Truth be told I'm not going to argue I said 'if I'm not mistaken.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 21, 2014
  8. ConMan

    ConMan <b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo

    No ones arguing. And you never said "if im not mistaken" you posted that pedigree pretty confodently. We are just saying its not 100% RE

    Sent from my Galaxy S3 using Tapatalk.
  9. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

    I don't know who's arguing,nor was it the intent of my post to start an argument.

    Due to your post,I thought you were familiar with the dog and pedigree.The pedigree posted didn't match the assertion that the dog was 100 % RE.It didn't even take any digging to see the Gotti dogs up close,which is why I speculated that the ped posted may have been wrong.Hence,the dog not being 100% Edge.

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