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Thinking about expanding our household


Little Dog
So hubs and I are seriously considering adding a 3rd dog. There is a 8 mo old American Bulldog at our shelter that is tempting us. We met him, our 2 haven't yet. He's more of a "Scott type" rather than. JDJ type. The American Bulldog we had before was a Scott. He is obviously going crazy in the shelter, his physical and mental needs are not being met AT ALL. When we met him in the play yard he was a wild man, totally obviously excited to be out of his run. He seeks like he's never seen a leash before. He gets it in his mouth and wants to play tug o war. That is fixable. We use Freedom harnesses on ours and they do quite well. We're conditioning Lemmy to wear a New Trix headcollar also.

What I like though was that he listens and even in his "yay I'm freeeeee" state he was able to focus on me and do a sit and down on pretty much the first try. Someone must have taught him. So excitable but can focus while excited. He's a pup, I expect excitement. He does not appear to resourse guard. I was able to take a toy from him easily. Don't know about higher value stuff, but we do NOT leave those things out at home.

Molly, our lab is extremely dog social and since we have gotten her thyroid straightened out is up for play with anyone, anywhere, any time. Lemmy is our APBT and at 2 1/2 hasn't shown any DA yet. He's still dog social but can be pushy.

We are a childless (and likely will remain) married couple. We have experience with bully breeds, are totally willing to crate/rotate if needed and own our home. I am flip flopping between let's totally do it and not. This dog is going to be a lot of work. He''ll need to be trained groud up. We work with an awesome trainer who will help us there. Plus another mouth to feed and vet bills. I run with my two. I wouldn't do it with this dog until he's at least a year, maybe year and a half. At 8 mos he's 10 lbs heavier than Lemmy LOL.

Part of me thinks I want this to fill a hole though. My uncle who was very close to me just died and I lost another uncle, my godfather, on Thanksgiving. I think its a motivator for me. For DH, when he loses a pet (that's how we got Murphy-his childhood dog died at 14, and Lemmy when we put Murphy down due to metastatic mast cell cancer) he wants another dog. I guess when I lose an important person, I want another dog. I dunno. Should I back off because I'm on the fence about it?
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Good Dog
It sounds like you guys have the right set up (and mind set) for a third dog...and to be honest, I think, if you get him you'll never regret it. You'll grow to love him more and more over time. So that's a non issue. Maybe what you would regret is not getting him. That's something to think about-can you walk away without him and still be happy?

I have to tell you, having three dogs was much harder for us than two was/is. All three dogs had to be separated. And we've had three dogs a couple different times. There is obviously more room for error if it does turn into a crate and rotate situation. And something I think about that probably others don't (because they're normal and I'm a freak)...if there is an emergency and we have to evacuate (we live in Fl-it's very likely in hurricane season) can I fit all of my animals, their stuff and my stuff into one vehicle? With three dogs and two cats-it would have been tricky. We could have done it, but it would have been more stressful on the animals.

When I'm in a situation like you are now, I write up a pros and cons list.-So I can really see it.


Good Dog
You have a male and a female which is typically easier. Now your are thinking about not only another male but a bully breed male which will have to coexist with another bully breed male in the presence of a female. Not an ideal situation or walk in the park. That said you seem to have full knowledge of the possibilities and while I would not want the hassle, you at least seem prepared as well as anyone can be for the task. It is going to require a lot of work and the possibility of crating and separating if highly likely. Also filling a void due to a tragic loss is no reason to get another dog, and the fact you are on the fence means you shouldn't rush and make a impulsive decision. If you try to make a home for every dog that is good and need one, you will have a million dogs by the end of the week.


Little Dog
Well it didn't work out. The pup is already DA. Lemmy approached him first, he was very polite as well. The pup immediately snarked at him. Molly was excited and play bowing him, he was staring her down. She was harking too, that's what she does when she gets excited and wants to play. Admittedly, that might have freaked him out a bit. So it just isn't going to work, I'm ok with being a 2 dog home. What REALLY made me upset though, was the fact that the kennel tech smacked the shit out of the puppy MULTIPLE times when they were out there together. He smacked Molly too as sue was barking. I am LIVID over that.

When I first met him, another tech was totally manhandling him and smacked him a couple times too. They are going to ruin this pup at this shelter.


Little Dog
Probably not as far as fostering but I did contact the rescue that helped us pull our bridge dog,Murphy from the same shelter. Hopefully they can help. Seeing how their employees treat these dogs though, makes me wonder if some of Murphys fear issues weren't created there.


Good Dog
I would definitely make a formal complaint about that-that is not appropriate behavior for someone who works in that environment. If that's what they're will to do in front of the public (you) what's happening behind closed doors or after hours?