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Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by Nat Ursula, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    image.jpg image.jpg Here is Theodore when he was brought into the high kill shelter. Then the next one was when he was brought out of the shelter after spending 132,days there. We don't have him yet. We also don't know if he and Tonka will get along. We are waiting for his most recent temperament evaluation Results.
  2. steve07

    steve07 Good Dog Premium Member

    @nat. Good luck!!!! And good job on saving this guys life!!!!
  3. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    Thank you! I hope it all works out. He is very sweet. Hi nick name at the shelter was "wiggle butt." They told me he was neutered before a foster or adopter was found because the shelter thought someone would grab him right away.
  4. Derek1

    Derek1 Big Dog

    Glad to hear it's moving forward, I really hope it works out for you guys. Have you met him yet?
  5. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

    Good luck!!
    Nat Ursula likes this.
  6. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    No, we have not met him yet. There have been delays due to holidays, Vet clinic hours, veterinary emergencies that the rescue has had to deal with, medical emergencies of volunteer staff. I guess Theo's walker had a severe asthma attack and had to be hospitalized. He might not have been walked for a week. He stayed at the Vet's office for about a week. We were hoping to have him already. We are waiting to hear the final details.
  7. steve07

    steve07 Good Dog Premium Member

    @nat- this is not to steer u away but just and FYI the crate/ gate/ rotate lifestyle is super easy and always better then the alternative. Just want to give u the FYI. It's easy.
    Angellover100 and Madeleinemom like this.
  8. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks, we are going to start out like that. We'll see. I'm still unsure of which crate to get. I've been delaying because I have not been convinced that he is coming yet. However. He could be here by the weekend.
  9. Madeleinemom

    Madeleinemom MS Bites, My Dog Didn't Staff Member Super Moderator

    I am thrilled that Theo is making his way closer to a normal life!! Trusty is waving 'Hi!' from a distance to another Carson shelter survivor.

    And agreed with Steve - crate and rotate works, been there and done that :)
    Angellover100 and Nat Ursula like this.
  10. steve07

    steve07 Good Dog Premium Member

    Nat. Pm me when u get a chance. I'll send u a pic of our crate and the accordion gate we use it works wonders. Also get Theo scarf of baby gates. I kno it sounds mean but I drop it on them a few times and there terrified forever lol. I don't even have to lock a baby gate. My 2 won't go near it
  11. Novy

    Novy Little Dog Premium Member

    Hopefully things work out for you. I think I could handle seeing Theodore pictures on a regular basis, he's a photogenic dude.
    Nat Ursula likes this.
  12. Derek1

    Derek1 Big Dog

    Nat Ursula likes this.
  13. BookGal13

    BookGal13 Little Dog

    He looks super happy in the second photo. Good luck and I hope it all works out.
    Also I wanted to second steve07 on the crate and rotate comment: We have three dogs - to that get along with each other and a third that does not get along with either. Once you get used to it it's pretty easy and also ensures that you spend 1 on 1 time with the dogs.
    Angellover100 and Nat Ursula like this.
  14. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member Administrator

    Is it just me or is he a little guy? He looks little, i like the little ones :)
    Nat Ursula and steve07 like this.
  15. steve07

    steve07 Good Dog Premium Member

    He does look little. I like them too especially with the bat ears!!! They look so innocent!!! Stupid jerks lol
  16. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    He is shorter than Tonka and weighed about 45lbs upon his arrival to the shelter.

    Our grandson said he is little with a giant head that is disproportionate to his body. Lol
  17. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    I only have a few pictures. He does seem very short.

  18. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

  19. steve07

    steve07 Good Dog Premium Member

    He is a good lookin dog. Nice coloring
  20. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    I always wanted a brindle since we had a fawn colored Boxer over 15 yrs ago.
    Capt. Roxy likes this.

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