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THE Rant Thread

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Poisoned, May 10, 2011.

  1. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    I think I'm going to have to go through all of my pictures and put my name on them.. sick of people using them and giving me no credit. Grr.
  2. Krista

    Krista Krypto Super Dog

    That sucks Kady. I need to watermark mine too even though I don't think someone would steal them.. but you just never know.
  3. ignitethis

    ignitethis Good Dog

    Just cuz I'm walking around with two of my friends who are girls and I'm wearing a hoodie and cargo pants does NOT make me gay. Sorry my bf and I aren't attached 24/7. I've been having a shitty week with allergies, so excuse me for not dressing up and looking "more straight" to go to the frickin mall. I mean seriously, do you go up to everyone you see and ask them, "oh hey, are you gay?".

    Oh and softball players, WEAR A FUCKING FACE MASK! Watched a game today where this girl gets a pitch that bounces off her bat right into her eye. Yeah, have fun with that, you've pretty much ruined your career because you couldn't suck it up and wear a face mask. How stupid can you get? I mean you pretty much grow up playing with a face mask (seeing as how it's required), just because you're in the big leagues doesn't mean you've suddenly become invincible. Grow a god damned brain, people. Face masks don't slow you down or obstruct your vision, they protect you from 80mph balls coming right at you.
  4. seasicksquid

    seasicksquid Little Dog

    I love my neighborhood...really, I do. It's a ghetto, but most people are great.

    That said...I have an alcoholic neighbor. I don't like him, he doesn't like me. I work at a bar, and he's been kicked out permanently because he is CREEPY. Touchie-feelie creepy. We've had many run ins in the past, including me calling the SPCA who does AC work here on his very mistreated dog.

    Yesterday, as my new neighbor moves in to the other half of my house...he invites himself onto MY PORCH (ok, it's shared, but he knows how I feel about him being over here), takes MY chairs, and moves them over to the other side, and within no less than 3 minutes, asks them for a beer or whiskey. Pissed me off.

    Now, today...I just get home from work at 5:45 AM, I am exhausted...and the fucker starts WEEDWHACKING with a beer in his hand. At not even 6 am in the fucking morning. On a SUNDAY. And he is obviously intoxicated, as his poor lawn is showing.

    I'm about to call the cops with a noise complaint. I am pissed, not just because he pisses me off in general, but because I'd really like to sleep.

  5. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    Yeah I didn't think people would try to use mine either. It's actually the pictures of the shelter dogs! Most recently, an article was written for a local paper and they used one of my pictures of the dogs.. no credit given. Thanks people.
  6. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    I'm just starting to think that feeling I've always had that everything I touch falls apart is true.

    ---------- Post added at 09:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:18 AM ----------

    I can't say I think it's wrong if you're being abused... But these jackasses of mine are just plain jackasses...

    And my brother's current GF-ish-person has a crazy stalker Ex as well.. And since he's been dragged into it, so have I.. We all went to church and he brought her along to meet everyone. While we were inside he (apparently after following her) broke into her car, took a phone out of it and then went to her grandmother's house and called her from the phone he stole, hacked her facebook and made it look to everyone like he and her are together, and has been on my brother about how she is cheating on HIM, her real BF, with my brother...

    It's all crazy stuff. As if I don't have enough on my plate.
  7. pookie!

    pookie! GRCH Dog



    WHAT THE FUCK lol now what am I supposed to do??:no2::winter_smilies_0005
  8. AdMae

    AdMae Big Dog

    People in the NW ***CANNOT*** drive! I don't get it. I grew up near Boston, and they have the bad driving rap? Hell no. They, at least, GO somewhere.

    Here they travel in the left (passing) lane, even at 4am when there is no one else on the road. The cops supposedly tried cracking down on this last month, but...
    Also, they love to pace and sit in each others blind spot and cannot maintain a constant speed. They travel in packs and you cannot get around them.

    I'd drive in Boston over Seattle any day.
  9. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Okay so last night a customer came thru the drive thru and ordered like...$15 worth of food.
    Guy comes up to the window and his card was declined. he begins screaming at my cashier saying "its impossible try it again i have over 1000 in that account!" cashier politely tried again...still comes up declined.
    Guy then asked my cashier to ask if we could give him the food and he will pay us back tomorrow. (apparently i knew this guy he was a regular but i have never seen him before lol) Yeah okay
    First off. I know the economy sucks. and thats all i need to do is have it so now all customers think they can get away with that crap?? yeah right. So i said no and when the cashier told this guy that he got really pissed off and told my cashier to tell me that I am a "stupid ass mother-fucking bitch" and sped off.
    Cashier and I are joking about it...like who the hell is this guy ha ha
    fast foward 5 minutes....guy comes BACK AROUND thru my drive thru
    "hey yeah im the guy with the declined card"
    so my cashier rang him back up for the food (after i voided the order) and I made the order.
    well this is how THIS started.
    "oh your total is 15 etc etc "
    (while holding a $20)
    "I'm not giving you the money until you show me the bag"
    Whatever. Cashier is being VERY polite lol i was very proud of him
    so I make the order and he goes and puts the bag on the counter
    "thats the food?" (points at bag)
    "yes sir"
    and thats your manager right? (points at me)
    "okay...well you can tellyour bitch fucking manager she can shove that bag up her ass and i hope she enjoys it"
    ---speeds off----

    My first reaction was...what the fuck lmao
    It wouldnt have bothered me AT ALL had he not come back around...i mean really..do you have anything better to do with your life other than harrass freakin people???? GROW UP

    ------the end------
  10. lmwst18

    lmwst18 Good Dog

    wow that is retarded
  11. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    Usually, when someone says "Don't do *THIS*".. There is a good reason... Like "Don't mess with the baby rabbit."

    What do I find this morning? Someone messed with the baby rabbit, left the top of it's enclosure open, and Sparkles was looking very pleased with herself.

    So unless this little guy is invisible: RIP Trey.
  12. Alma

    Alma GRCH Dog

    Oh my... RIP little bunny.
  13. VonKromeHaus

    VonKromeHaus Good Dog

    So..I am wondering....why do guys make things complicated? I mean really, you ask me a question about feelings and then tell ME that I made things complicated....uh...no that would be you...dumbass.
  14. VonKromeHaus

    VonKromeHaus Good Dog

    Yeah..well...That's pretty much what I asked him. I also told him..."Look, you're the one who is asking me if I like you, I'm not asking you anything!" It wasn't so much that he asked but moreso that he blamed making things complicated on me....Really...Dumbass. I've got better things to do than worry about his shenanigans....he brings WAY more baggage to the table than I do...so I told him ADIOS.
  15. pookie!

    pookie! GRCH Dog

    Oh my God I ate a ton of Chinese food and now I am hungry again.. I hate my damn metabolism
  16. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    No that's just chinese food in itself lol
  17. pookie!

    pookie! GRCH Dog

    Idk I ate to big ass thing of broccoli and beef, and a bunch of chicken fried rice then two grilled cheese sammiches, a big bag of smarties, and now I am eating sunflower seeds
  18. chloesredboy2

    chloesredboy2 Good Dog

    You said sammiches. LOL, You're awesome.
  19. pookie!

    pookie! GRCH Dog

    THey were uber bomb, I put Italian seasonings on the cheese MMMMMM
  20. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    Was this guy 12 and did he ask if you liked him in a note?:lol:

    My husband complicated things. We met, I had a thing for him, was married and in process of seperating due to my husband at the time being a mega-jerk, we start seeing each other and start sleeping together. Yay! I found a practical guy who can have a casual relationship without making it more than it needs to be. Til we argue about an opinion and he says "Don't you know how much I love you?" *crickets* "Shit. I love you,too". *sigh* So much for uncomplicated.

    Fast forward to today and EVERYTHING is complicated and discussed to death! Little things like where to get food. Even worse, every decision, no matter how trivial, must be talked about for WEEKS before he takes action. Yeesh, its not that complicated unless you make it that way. Why can't we just say "Yes, I've thought about it and I'd like that. Lets make it happen." or "No, I have thought about it and it doesn't work out for me." Why does it always have to be days of debate and second thoughts???

    And men accuse women of being the ones who complicate things!!!!

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