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the pitbull an american dog or irish dog

Discussion in 'Today's APBT' started by dready187, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. dready187

    dready187 Puppy

    the pitbull terrier as it is known by its proper name is the american pitbull terrier. but its origin is from ireland. who immigrated to america and kept their dogs with them. my question is why the american label.
  2. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    My guess is they came from Ireland and England with the dogs... and alot of European immigrants had a love for this country and truly believed in what America stood for and they tacked the name on to it. But that might be complete BS... but thats my opinion on the name.
  3. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    The bull and terrier dog in THIS country developed into a somewhat larger, heavier dog than the same bull and terriers that stayed behind in England/Ireland. Therefore it was "Americanized". This has happened with a few other breeds -- the Foxhounds and the Cockers...

  4. Bohawg

    Bohawg Puppy

    They are not the same Americans bred the dogs a little larger and thus the APBT
    Thats why the staffs there now are similar but not the same.
  5. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    Before the UKC was formed to register the breed in 1898, the bull and terriers really didn't have an official name (either here OR in England/Ireland except for maybe some regional names)....they had to have a name -- and American Pit Bull Terrier was the one chosen, although American Bull Terrier was used a lot as well. That's what they WERE - the bull and terrier in AMERICA! (the bull and terriers in THIS country did end up somewhat larger than the ones left behind in the British Isles). The ones that remained there didn't get an official name til 1935 -- Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

  6. brutus1

    brutus1 Puppy

    THis misunderstanding of the irish dogs is not uncommon in our breed.But actually the so called irish dogs or families that have become know are more from english bloodlines than irish.The irsih had long traded with england and dogs also , but the madison square gardens of dogfighting was in england and the english dogs (primerliy black nosed and white or a mixture of white /brindle but mostly white and some times black ) were the most proven dogs of thsoe times ,and the irish like us today imported those dogs into ireland ,and bred them into thier own families or kept them pure and crossed them occasionaly .If we look back into the colby blood , which has been mistakenly called an irsh bloodline you will see going back that colby blood is more english than irsh and even his galtie dog bred from two imported irish dogs , but colbys galtie shows his heritage is from england as his black nose and white face can on;ly be from thsoe english bloodlines used in ireland .Infact even the so called orfn dogs such as searcy jeff and others go back into english dogs whcih had been crosed and then various breders bred the more red nosed dogs that came from those crosses and today we have the orfns dogs which everyone assumes are irsih blod , but take a goodlook back into the peds and you will see that these dogs have more english heritage than irish but the colby dogs show theoir english heritage more than any ,apart from the tudor / mayfields nigger dogs of today .
  7. geary

    geary Puppy

    well are dogs ancestors came from Ireland and England just like some of our own did. and the answer i have is the reseson why it has american is when dog blood sport like bull baiting and fight were outlawed in those country's and the dogs came here they were bred smaller for one. and tighter in type. if u look at the colby line there heaver made than others colby being some of the purest of the old blood other than that i dont know

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