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The Dogwoman: The Most Cherishable Breed

Discussion in 'Today's APBT' started by Vicki, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    The Dogwoman: The Most Cherishable Breed
    By Hunterman (William Cubero)

    "As I sit here and ponder the many thoughts that come to mind, I come to a realization how much we take them (dogwomen) for granted. I myself am a single man who's faced many of life's hardships with a woman who never liked nor understood the dogs; I couldn't even ask her to babysit nor feed the dogs. The dogwoman is indeed a rare breed many of us take for granted.

    The dogwomen who love and care for the dogs. Imagine having a wife and partner who loves the dogs, who's willing to help you with them... even breeding them, conditioning them, showing them in all events. Many dogmen today never really realize how wonderful it is to have someone you love that enjoys the same passion as you do, and there are many dogmen who take this for granted as well, never allowing them to share all the wonderful experiences with the dogs.

    But here it is: a dogwoman is a dying breed. As in history there where many great ones who acted in the pit as well but a dogwoman is indeed sometimes, and most of the time, better then some of the dogmen I've experienced today. They tend to care for the dogs even better then some of the boys. They are very tedious and well-calculated in the realm of conditioning, for they do more when it come to the dogs' health and well-being. They take themselves very serious since they compete a lot with many modern dogmen. And many of the past dogwomen where never foolish they never spent more than they could afford, they never bred more then they could care for, and their love for the dogs where even more so then some dogmen I know.

    As we see many dogwomen more today then many years ago, I seem to realize that times are changing for the better, and when I talk with many of them, I see they have done their homework with the dogs a lot better then some men, lol. What is history if we cant share our passion with the women we love or the women who love the dogs? There are many times I wish I could talk dog with my own wife who doesn't have any care in the world about them. Some time all I hear are complaints that dogs are barking or something for her to bitch about!! Yet a dogwomen would say, "let them bark, they're only dogs!" or she'd go out there and tend to them with out a fuss. God, a dogwomen is great isnt it? Lol.

    I myself feel that today's average dogmen have competition from these wonderful ladies. I feel they're smarter, better, wiser, and the most caring about the breed. Look at history's greats in the pit dog world; they bred some of the best around, and the many who entered the circle of life won more then they lost. God you have to be proud of them.

    But a dogwomen doesn't have to match a dog to earn this title. Dogwomen they already are after all they put in, just as much time as we men do. Many are treated unfairly, abused by their husbands, and mocked by many because dogmen can be arrogant and stupid. A woman can do as good if not better then some men. I believe they are now the future of our breed as well. I have many friends, dogwomen who are damn awesome and earn my respect. I'm proud of them for all they do. But even as a great dogman, what good is all my fame if I cant share it all with the women I love? I hope one day I find a dogwomen because we would be an awsome team.

    Many of you dogmen take a real good look at yourself and be grateful you have a woman who loves the dogs and you. Until then, there ain't nothing better then a dogwoman. I would trade my greatest collection and even my heart to have a dogwoman. After all, a dogwoman is a reflection of a dogman, just much better! Until then, this one for you ladies! Thanks for putting up with all our dogmen/husband's shit. You are a special breed ............ We appreciate you. Thanks, and until then, I can only ponder till the next time.

    Take care all!


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