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The Chicken Race

Discussion in 'Conditioning & Training Library' started by Vicki, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Super Gnat's GR. CH. Ace; 3x winner, Smiley & Red Girl; Gusto's CH. Nino & Nasty; TarHeel Matt's Panther & Gigit; Acme's Hobo & Spartan; Mike's Beast; Jean's Bridget; St. Benedict's Buzz, Tyson, Altar Boy & Little Shit were all conditioned with the invaluable help of a Red rooster named Fred. This remarkable rooster would encourage these dogs to run the Treadmill. However, his most significant contribution was in sparking these dogs through a grueling drill called "The Chicken Race"

    In this exercise, the dog would drag heavy chains at top speed, through woods & fields in an effort to catch Fred. Normally Fred would be tucked away in my arm like a football while I attempted to stay ahead of the Bulldog. Fred had little fear of bulldogs & he would cluck & make other stimulating sounds at the appropriate times. Sometimes I would set Fred on the ground & he'd walk loose ahead of the dog, if the dog was too fast Fred would take air, and fly above the trees for several hundred yards. The purpose of "The Chicken Race" was to stimulate the action of the dog driving for a hold. Gusto Boy's CH. Nino despised Fred & would have run through a burning building in order to catch & eat Fred. During one race, I scrambled down a steep creek bed with Nino in hot pursuit, At the bottom of the creek bed I looked up to see Nino hurl himself through the air aiming for Fred & I below. Fortunately, the heavy chains on Nino pulled him back to the side of the creek bed giving me time to scramble up the other side. On another occasion, Fred was walking ahead of Nino thru some tall grass , Nino suddenly regained his second wind & was rapidly gaing on Fred. I grabbed at Nino ,who was so excited he romoved a portion of my hand !! At the same time I kicked Fred up in the air & he flew away. It seemed silly to risk injury to save a rooster, but Fred was my conditioning partner, I could not let him get killed.

    Super Gnat's Smiley, (off Jeep's brother Charlie) pursued Fred through ice & snow prior to her upset win over S.T.P.'s Bonnie. Smiley, Nino, & Altar Boywere the most powerful dogs I conditioned using "The Chicken Race" . They could run pulling weights that other dogs couldn't move.

    Some dogs recognized that they were unlikely to catch Fred & would conserve their energy by slowly walking after Fred & I. GR.CH. Ace would consistently use this tactic, Ace would sandbag - anticipating that i would move closer to him with the rooster. All of a sudden Ace would sprint toward me with such speed that I could not outrun him. In situations like this I would throw Fred in the air & Keep running. Ace was a very intense dog & would make me nervous as he searched around for Fred , who had already flown away.

    On the opposite end of the intensity spectrum was Mike's Beast, a Bitch bred down from some of the Art/Zebo crosses D.Adams made in Ohio. Contrary to her name, Beast was gentle towards everything. "The Chicken Race" was a disaster. Beast would not pull the chains and had no interest in chasing Fred. I could of placed Fred on her head & Beast would not have ruffled a feather on the bird.

    The dogs that hated the rooster but were too smart or lazy to chase after him were Gigit & Little Shit. They acted like I was insane to expect them to pull heavy chains after a stupid chicken. Both won matches that went over an hour & a half, maybe they knew "The Chicken Race" was unnecessary. Some other memorable incidents: When TarHeel Matt's Panther quickly grabbed and devoured a rabbit that ran out in Front of him during "The Chicken Race", leaving me feeling rather stupid, standing several feet away, rooster in hand. Fred was an important part of the success of the aforementioned dogs. During Little Shit's Keep, Fred was seized by a racoon, who pulled him through the bars of his pen. For some reason Fred left his perch & moved too close to where the coon was waiting. Fred was 1/2 Gamecock & half Barnyard chicken & earned his feed many times for me.

    Written by Barney Fife
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  2. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member

    Ace was the smart one lol..

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