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The "Bully" Section

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Krypto Super Dog
You don't own dogs that look like extreme English Bulldogs with cropped ears. Your dogs look like they can move, sit, stand and breath with out pain. I've never heard you peddle anything. It's a whole different story.
I'm not sure why you would say that?

But they ARE American Bullies.

And Sagebrush, luckily you don't run this board. I think half (or maybe even more) of your posts pertain to arguing over and over again on the topic of AmBullies. If the "Bully" talk bothers you so much, stop posting or looking at those threads! It's very simple.


Good Dog
Damn, I'm out then cause I'm no longer with "pit bull", my last one died about 3 years ago. All I have now is a ageing AM bulldog and assorted mixes.
Then again I don't own a "bullie" so maybe I'm ok?

So what you want is the "bullie" people to stay on their own section? Cause this is PBC.

~~~~wait I just read kady's post. So we will just call the Asshatt breeders, asshatts and be done with it?


Good Dog
So what you want is the "bullie" people to stay on their own section? Cause this is PBC.

YES! At least they can stay in their own section when talking about "bulleez" and continue to contribute with their posts on other sections that don't have anything to DO with "bullies". Advocating doing what they are doing TO a breed, under the guise of some carefully planned, romantic notion of a NEW breed; OR doing mixed breeding under the same guise is just sickening.



Good Dog
I see I'm out of my league, don't know what's up :lol: and have no real idea what's going on.

So I'm outta here!! Carry on ya'll :) :lol:


Good Dog
I am closing this thread.

Carla any opportunity you get you try to bash American Bullies you take it. A feedback and suggestion thread is not your chance to do so.


Thread closed, I know, but have to get my two cents in.

This forum was and is built on diversity. Our forum promotes adoption and buying a dog from a reliable source. We have members who adopt, buy, trade, sell, and trade.

The American Bully is a breed choice, just like we have a Patterdale forum that was recently added. As our membership grows, so do interests in breeds and other hobbies, as we even have a hunting forum.

If someone wants a German Shepherd forum, it will go up. To discriminate against a person or their dog is a bit hypocritical. If you don't like the thread, the breed or the people taht own them, refrain from posting in their threads. If you can't be a positive contribution to the forum, then you might want to seek out a forum that will better cater to your needs.
Not open for further replies.