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~~~~the atl show this past saturday~~~

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by ILL LINE INC, Mar 24, 2009.


    ILL LINE INC Banned

    if i used my mind i would be saling this
    instead i use my heart and do em for free
    outta luv 4 ya'll and these bullyz period
    anyone who says different can kiss my ass
    peace to ashley and dave and the entire elite edge for
    gettin me there
    peace to the franchise for puttin on 1 hell
    of a show again,peace to bullies united,mikeland federation,r.l.c.,gottiline,dream team,the play boy club, and bully domination ,everyone there that showed me luv
    and peace and godbless every bully and every bully breeder
    i luv all ya'll i don't give a damn if ya brindle
    if i did this for any other reason for me
    "it would be like whipping ya ass before u poop it dont make no sense"
    the next one is coming the main event
    "the bullz"
    may god bless all of u

    it ain't no stoppin me
    i ain't even broke out the new programs
    and camera's patna
  2. geraldcaine

    geraldcaine Puppy

    I'm not trying to down you or anything, but this video SUCKED! IMO..... 8 min. 35 sec. video, only TWO dogs were shown in the entire video, one not untill about 5 min. in and he is shown on here for about 2 sec., and the other is not shown untill the end of the video....... Most ppl want to see the dogs, not the ppl advertising their kennels and products,,,,, thats just my opinion.
  3. andy88

    andy88 Puppy

    wheres the dogs, thats what its about right
  4. Arrowhead

    Arrowhead Good Dog

    Yep, sorry, no offense, but I got sick of watching the video and stopped it before I ever saw any dog 'cause I got tired of waiting for the dogs to come up. Guess I really didn't miss anything though.
  5. nwbully

    nwbully Little Dog

    I agree could have been some more dogs in the video but I still liked it.Looked like everyone enjoyed themselves.

    That Bullmaster shirt was nice samuraistyles.com did a great job on that one!

    RIP to H2.

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