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Tail biting


Any suggestions on how I can combat this. Shes around 14 weeks old stafford x?,It seems to be a random act and no signs of a trigger.

She's been flea treated as I did it myself. She's been wormed as I did that at the same time. There seems to be a dent on the tail where she's trying to get at, not sure if this is what she has done. I'm back at the vets in 2 weeks for her boosters, I'm going to ask if there is a medical reason. I would prefer her to keep her tail as too her ears (hate it when done for fashion). Any ideas to stop her as she has begun to growl at it in anger and then bites harder.

Thanking you all in advanced.


Wanted to add, if she's been treated for fleas, and she had fleas, there are probably fleas in your house. If she has fleas again, you need to exterminate your house. You can treat the dog every day if you want, if they're in the environment, you are going to continue to treat and treat and treat indefinitely.

But full anal glands are also a likely possibility. Puppies typically have a few bouts of loose stool as they go through the deworming process. This can cause the sacs to fill up with debris due to not be naturally expressed.

I'm assuming here you mean the tail base.


OK thanks will make sure I start a full house defleaing.

I'll keep an eye on her tail thing and let you know.

Again thanks


Hi i had this prob with my staffie i deflead her then she was biting her tail to the point of making it bald at the base i checked her again and was appalled to find the fleas back so i deflead the whole house if you sprinkle salt in the cracks of skirting boards ect and underneath your sofa this will eliminate a lot of fleas as the salt dries them out and they die i found it really useful in getting rid of the pesky things just a tip for you hope you get rid of them :-)