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Suggestion: Rule #18

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by bahamutt99, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Yes, I think breeders should be allowed to post their sites

  2. No, I do not think breeders should be allowed to post their sites

  3. Yes, let them post their sites if certain criteria are met (specify in a post, please)

  4. Undecided/Don't care

  5. Other (specify in a post, please)

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    There is no post criteria. There's no way to do it automatically through the forum.

    If someone wants to submit their kennel for review and leave, they most likely would have done more harm to their reputation than good.
  2. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    A hobby breeder is the term used to describe people who have a smallish amount of dogs, show those dogs, sometimes breed those dogs. Dog breeding and showing is a hobby to them, not a means of income or anything like that. It's a hobby that they lose money on, but do for love of their respective breed. Professional breeders usually have a bunch of dogs and breed regularly. They view what they do as more of a business.

    And Shon, thanks! I may submit my site just to test out how the new rule works.
  3. Bully Mama

    Bully Mama Little Dog

    Thanks for the info....
  4. VonDoom

    VonDoom Puppy

    Sorry if im out of line. I know this thread is older and my point is probably moot as the rule has already been changed. But i found this thread pretty intresting. Both as a Breeder and a Forum Admin. Personally i wouldnt ever advertise my own litters on any Discussion Board even my own, But it is allowed. The reason i allow it is because alot can be learned from a large community of K9 enthousists. What we do on Doberman Parade is have a recommended Breeders Forum, where members can post there positive expierances with reputable breeders. We also have a forum Titled Beware Breeders/Owners section where members are encourged to post there bad expierances with less then reputable Breeders. DP is a new Community so this formula has yet to be proven, but my personal opinion is this is somthing that people like myself who have dedicated years to my breed and know many breeders good and bad alike need to share with the NooB's. Education is key here. This should be considered a service to the community, With a forum this large Nobody less then reputable is gonna slip under everyones radar. and my expierance on this subject tells me you will soon know more about the Idiots in it for the wrong reasons, then you ever cared to know. People who still buy a puppy from a breeder with less then remarkable results are thick headed and were gonna buy said pup anyways. Its like beating your head against the wall. Fortunatly these people are the minority. And more good then Bad will come from this type of Forum.

    Anyways ill get off my soap box now. Im not trying to perpetuate anything, just throwing my own expierances out there. I am new here and maybe im over stepping my bounds. If so please accept my apologies in advance.
  5. tcmpreville

    tcmpreville Puppy

    Seems okay if...

    There's some sort of legitimizing criteria (licensing, etc.) that the advertising breeders must meet.

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