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Stray puppy stuck on roof happy to see rescuers


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Stray Pit Bull Puppy Stuck On Roof Is SO Excited To See His Rescuers
Caitlin Jill Anders
20 hrs ago

© Arizona Humane Society
When the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) got a call about a pit bull puppy stuck on a roof in Phoenix last month, rescuers expected to find a scared dog cowering on the roof, desperate to get down — but instead, they found the most excited, playful puppy they’ve ever met, having an absolute blast on a random roof.

Someone in the neighborhood had noticed the puppy, later named Rufio, running around on the roof and quickly contacted the Arizona Humane Society Emergency Animal Medical Technicians (EAMTs). Rufio appeared to be a stray puppy, and it’s still a mystery as to exactly how he managed to get himself onto the roof in the first place.

© Arizona Humane Society
“No one has any idea as to how Rufio ended up on the roof. Our best guess is that he either chased something up there and wasn’t able to get down, or he was trying out to be this year’s Santa Paws,” Kelsey Dickerson, media relations specialist at AHS, told The Dodo. “However he wiggled himself up there, we are grateful that the Good Samaritan knew to call AHS’ rescuers.”

EAMTs Jenna Moffitt and Andy Gallo responded to the call and headed over to where Rufio was … … and as soon as they got out of their car, Rufio was so thrilled to see them.

© Arizona Humane Society
“Pets are often excited to see our rescue team, but none quite as much as Rufio,” Dickerson said.

Rufio’s excitement only grew when he realized that Gallo was coming up onto the roof to join him, and he was convinced that Gallo was coming up so they could have a big ol’ party on the roof together. He was completely baffled by everyone’s urgency in trying to get him off the roof — he was having the time of his life up there!

© Arizona Humane Society
“Rufio was absolutely ecstatic when he saw EAMT Andy Gallo up on the roof,” Dickerson said. “He was wagging his tail at about 100 miles per hour, ran over to Andy and gave him a big hug! The sweet pup was having a grand time and didn’t even seem to realize the danger he was in.”

After hugs, belly rubs and more excitement than either rescuer had seen in their lives, Gallo finally managed to get Rufio to the edge of the roof … … and safely into Moffitt’s waiting arms.

© Arizona Humane Society
© Arizona Humane Society

Gallo then climbed off the roof himself, and Rufio got excited to see him all over again.

“He was so happy,” Gallo told The Dodo. “He wouldn’t stop licking my face!”

© Arizona Humane Society
After his rescue, Rufio was transported to the AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital to get checked over and make sure he hadn’t injured himself during his roof party. Luckily, Rufio seemed to be OK — and just as bubbly and excited to see everyone at the hospital as he was to see his rescuers.

© Arizona Humane Society
© Arizona Humane Society

“Rufio is a huge love bug with lots of energy,” Dickerson said. “He absolutely loves everyone and will greet you with his signature tail wags, body wiggles and plenty of kisses within just a few seconds of meeting.”

Everyone at AHS fell head over heels for Rufio — and were not at all surprised when he was adopted only a week after arriving in their care. The sweet, energetic pup now has the best forever home — and will hopefully stick to hanging out inside of it, rather than on top of it. You can watch the full video of Rufio's adorable rescue below:

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