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Stop hating on other people's preferences

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by Ray Gross, Dec 16, 2019.

  1. Ray Gross

    Ray Gross Puppy

    U know I see way too many people on here acting as if they are an authority on A.P.B.T. and American Bully breeds. Like a great number of enthusiasts/owners of these breeds of dog I prefer a dog with a huge head and wide chest. I also want my dogs head and muzzle a certain length and shape. Ofcourse these desires of physical attributes come second to the dogs health and disposition. But I see people giving smart ass reply's when others ask questions regarding how big they're dog will grow at full grown adult weight. I've read people state " I don't know why people are so stuck on a dog having a big head/chest ! ?" Well you don't need to understand why it's important to me or whomever else considers this important too them. I don't understand why anyone would vote on the democratic party ! But that's not my business what others may like or dislike. Another thing you people who love to tell others that they're dog is too heavy for its age to be an A.P.B.T. and describe said dog as a "BULLY and being mixed or a mutt" Do u really consider the APBT to be a "pure blood dog ? " Its not ! God didn't create the APBT, it was created by mixing breeds of dogs together to eventually create the best breed of dog on earth "imo" so stop acting like people with bully breeds have any less pure breed than APBT owners. There's a reason the AKC doesn't recognize APBT because in they're eyes this breed is not pure ! So stop hating ! In my opinion the best looking dogs are XL PIT BULLS AND XL BULLYS. But that's my opinion. Just seems like there's alot of haters downing others preferences
  2. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    It would help if people learned a little history about the breed. Then they might understand why some people will not agree with some other dog owners. This happens to be a pit bull forum. Most of the people decide to post and read this forum have some interest in the pit bull. Some do tend to disagree with people who try to say their dog is a pit bull when they show a pedigree or a picture of a dog that is not a pit bull.
    The pit bull is one of the oldest breeds known today. To become a breed a dog has to have certain qualities of the breed they are supposed to be. They also have to produce dogs with the same qualities. Bullies have not been a breed long enough to for many of them to produce the qualities that their breed is known for. Sizes can vary in a litter from very large dogs to small dogs. Some of us on this forum were around when bullies were first started. Also around for the start off the American bull dog. Really the two are very similar except the American bull dog breed does have some healthy working dogs. Both breeds started with the pit bull mixed with several other breeds. Some of the same breeds were used in both breeds. For quite a few years both breeds could not produce anything except very poor quality pit bulls. Some of us on this forum personally knew the people who started both breeds. Some were approached with people wanting them to sell their dogs to go into the development of both breeds. Most refused but there were a few that went along with the idea.
    The pit bull does not come in different sizes. There is only one size. You can read the standards. There is not and never has been a 100lb pit bull. Even an 80lb pit bull is very rare and usually not a very good quality dog.
    People do not care what type of dog a person likes. They simply do not like people who have a dog that could never meet the standards of the breed being called a pit bull.
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  3. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member

    Lmao lot of misinformation in that first post. AKC don't register them means it's not purebred? Where Do you think their Am Staff came from? The APBT has been a recognised breed of dog for a very long time. Has also had it's own written standard for that long too. Weight wise, they are 30 to 60 lbs. Some being smaller and some being a little larger but the fact is there is no such thing as a 90 or 100 lb APBT. Unless severely grossly obese and even then they probably aint hitting 100 lbs.

    There's also a huge difference in mentality between those who are heavily involved in the APBT from those who just have an ornament to dent their couch. Pet owners want the dog to look this way or that way and your real true fanicers of the breed don't give 2 squats what they look like. They tend to care more about whether or not the dog can function at it's job or not. I'll take the ugliest gamedog over the prettiest cur any day.

    Most people who are involved with the APBT and dislike the bully it's because they took an already perfected breed of dog and bred it to be worthless at most any kind of work. It's backwards breeding.

    Lol and the bully breed came around in the mid to late 80s, you look silly comparing the lenght of time them breeds have been recognised. The APBT has been a recognised breed since 1898.
    Under your way of thinking no dog would be purebred as they all have been created by mixing of breeds at one time or another.
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  4. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    I have no problem with any breed of dog that someone wants. Just call it what it is. Own what it is and give the dog a good life.
  5. Mister

    Mister Little Dog

    If bullly owners wouldn't call and claim their their dogs are APBT’s to the public, then I don’t think an APBT owner cares about what the dogs are.
    You don’t seem to know much about the APBT. If you did then you’d know why the large head and wide chest you so favour is in fact a major handicap to a functional APBT. The thing with the APBT that owners of other breeds don’t seem to understand, is that the qualities we admire and know are the most important part of the breed, are not the physical but rather the APBT’s mental characteristics.
    More often than not whenever a member mentions a pups/dogs weight and say it’s to heavy, it’s because they can see it’s overweight or obese and are concerned for the dog. And they’re saying so because we know an overweight dog is an unhealthy dog.
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  6. Plus the APBT community vs the bully community is night and day. The bully community are consistently full of jackass POS douche bags. No quality. YouTube for example so many scholarly respectable APBT guys like Chico Lopez, agk, nfk, 21 Sandiego, Thompson kennels etc etc then you see some of the bully guys and LOL!
  7. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    I just laugh anymore. What are basically overdone APBTs got recognized as a breed -and unleashed more confusion about the APBT than has ever existed. Congratulations UKC and any other entity that gave these “bullies” breed status!
  8. PuppyAuntie

    PuppyAuntie Puppy

    I know this is an older post and I hope you see this, but when you say there's only one size do you mean literally or that they all fall within a specific weight range?
  9. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    If you go to the standards of ADBA or UKC you can see the size . weights, and more about the breed.
    Just like most other breeds there are low limits and high limits for weight. Every breed has it's standard. The standards describe what a dog of a certain breed should look like.
  10. PuppyAuntie

    PuppyAuntie Puppy

    A weight range makes sense to me. I'm a mutt girl, through and through, so standards are fairly foreign to me. But my puppy niece is a pit bull and definitely on the smaller side. She's within the weight range but until I met her I didn't realize they weren't bigger dogs. I knew they weren't huge but I still thought they were larger.
  11. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    Pit bulls are a medium size dog. Their looks and attitude makes them seem larger.
    Every breed has a standard. People may not know what the standards are for their chosen breed but that is the most important thing to know before deciding to get one. The majority of people who decide they want a pit bull have no knowledge about the breed. What little they do know usually comes from someone wanting to sell a dog or PETA.
    Both are usually pretty poor places to go to for information.
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