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Sticky for possibly HA dogs, or dogs with odd behavior?


I feel like we could really use one of these. I can't be the only one who is a little tired of typing "Seek out a reputable behaviorist, get the dog checked out by a vet to rule out health problems, euthanize", or the ramifications of owning an HA dog that people don't seem to think of (lawsuits, no life outside of the house (no vacations and what not), injuries to friends and loved ones etc).

K9Love, you could probably make a very nice one. And some of us can stop coming across as such assholes for our suggestions.:lol:


Big Dog
Well I thought about it after I posted, but the sticky would at least make our responses easier by referring the poster to it...


Krypto Super Dog
You mean people read stickies?? :blink:

Yeah, this. We have so many stickies that never get read.

It can't hurt to have one though, as a reference point, but don't count on people actually taking the time to read it.

K9 Love

Good Dog
I'll write something up later on tonight.

I agree a sticky might be nice so the ones that have some patience left to try and nicely explain options can just link to it if they're having a bad day! :lol:

I have a name for it, what do you think, lol

"So you think your dog is aggressive..."



Cow Dog
I like it. Nice job.. Although I think the mouthing, guarding, fear, redirection/excitement could be a LITTLE bit more elaborated on because those, if not dealt with properly and swiftly, will result in a bite that will usually result in the loss of the dog.

K9 Love

Good Dog
Hmmm. Maybe we could compile a list of links to add next to those issues for further reading?

I was really trying to keep it more general information, than specific issues so that people will read it all, rather than skipping through parts because they don't think it applies to them, if that makes sense.

I'll see what I can dig up, but if anyone has any links handy for those issues that would be great! :)


Cow Dog
these are not attacks due to their nature, rather from the dogs' perspective an escalated form of communication when the human often fails to see the warning signs leading up to the bite.

I mean this part.. Just elaborate and something like what I said that underlined or something to where it's like THESE ARE THINGS THAT NEED TO BE DEALT WITH BEFORE YOU HAVE A REAL ISSUE