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Staffordshire Puppy or Cross or Pit?

Discussion in 'SBT Pictures' started by seekerIV, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. seekerIV

    seekerIV Puppy

    Bayla is about 8-10 months old now. Got her 3.5 months ago. More and more I think she is full Pit and not some kind of cross, although all pits are some kind of crss, technically. She is still very little in stature. about 42 lbs.

    Seems to be starting to "turn on" a bit this weekend. Lots of family dogs at Christmas. Bayla was defensive about her space and and aggressive towards my uncle's 105 lb Lab. He's a sweet boy but a bit of a bull in a china shop and not well taken caren of or trained. She only seems to get her hackles up around big dogs -likes little dogs-her best friend is a Jack Russell that is even more exuberent that her. is this fear agression? Dominance? Is she trying to pick on him b/c other family dogs put her in her place?

    More important, what kind of dog do you think she is?



  2. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Hard to tell from the pictures.

    The first picture she looks a bit like an Amstaff. The second picture she looks like she is mixed with something, but not 100% sure.

    Here is a good thread to read.
  3. Madeleinemom

    Madeleinemom MS Bites, My Dog Didn't Staff Member Super Moderator

    She is an adorable brindle, that's all I can say :)

    With regards to her reaction to other, larger dogs - keep an eye on it, she may be showing some DA.

    In general, the holidays with visitors, human and canine, can be overwhelming and thus create situations that can quickly out of hand. I prefer to keep that kind of interaction to a minimum = keep dogs in a separate, quiet area.
  4. screamin'eagle

    screamin'eagle Good Dog

    How is that?

    (and 42lbs @8 mos would be normal to high normal for a female American Pit Bull Terrier as she will continue to gain a few more pounds as she matures. If she is a SBT or any mix thereof 42 lbs still wouldn't be "small in stature" as these are medium sized dogs.)
  5. seekerIV

    seekerIV Puppy

    PitsBulls are a cross between terrier type dogs and the original English bulldog correct?

    I know 42 wouldn't be small for a Staffy. If she fills out to 45+ would that be too large for a full blood SBT female? Most likely she'd be an American style then?

    And she is really cute and sweet...but pushy. I didn't realize until I started exploring this chat that SBT's tend to be more energetic, "gamey" than Amstaffs, APBT, etc.

    She's very hard to corral, strong minded, curious, restless, energetic smart. Will run all day until she drops in her tracks.

    On Christmas Day her paws were bleeding, one dewclaw torn after a 2+ hr off leash romp in the woods, yet she still wanted to run around in the backyard when we got home. All the other dogs were passed out. :o
  6. screamin'eagle

    screamin'eagle Good Dog

    the American Pit Bull Terrier was originally registered with the UKC (United Kennel Club) in 1890, so technically, they have been a "pure breed" for well over a century. Technically, every dog breed was selectively bred for a purpose/characteristic. The American Pit Bull Terrier is no less pure bred than any other breed. Dobermans, Great Danes, Pointers, German Shepherds, Poodles, etc all came from different crosses and selective breeding. They, like the APBT, are now pure bred dogs...also the amount of terrier and bulldog influence in bull and terrier breeds is hotly debated. Some were more mix than others...

    That 45lbs or so would be normal for either breed...
    That being said
  7. leharris

    leharris Big Dog

    not sure but pretty.
  8. seekerIV

    seekerIV Puppy

    thanks everybody

    do you guys ever get togther? any resources you can point me towards for groups, playdates etc in my area? (Boston, MA)
  9. myo

    myo Puppy

    I would say she's too leggy and tall to be a pure SBT. it's quite rare to find a pure SBT that is taller than 16 inches at the shoulder. And thats a male. a bitch would be even smaller.
  10. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    She's a cutie, love her face, and that brindle!! :hearts:

    You have a very energetic dog that will go on and on after most other dogs collapse, that's the reason behind the "bull", as in bull-headed, and long on energy! :lol:

    They have a very high pain tolerance, hence why she wanted to run and romp even after she hurt her foot. This breed tends to ignore pain, therefore sometimes making it hard to know they've been hurt. Plus, they can be in a world of pain, and still lick your hand while you're tending to them.

    They are very bull-headed, and pushy, that's why it takes a strong, determined person to own this breed, as it's clearly not for everyone.

    Also, Christmas day with all those other people and dogs, could have been a disaster. It's great to socialize your dog, and please do, but do so in a controlled environment where you have complete control over your dog at all times. Never leave your dog unattended with other dogs, or small children... or anyone for that matter, that isn't very well educated on this breed.

    If you don't have a break stick, get one. You may never need it, I hope you don't. But trust me, you never want to need it and not have one. This breed will not let up if they get into a tiff with another dog, and a break stick is the one sure fire thing you can use to break your dogs grip, so you can separate the dogs. Better to have and not need, than to need and not have. ;)

    Oh, and just be advised, these dogs don't need doggy friends. They would much rather be with you than be around other dogs. They have a tendency to be dog aggressive, and have selective dog aggression, which means, they may get along great with 99 out of 100 dogs, but that 1 out of 100, they might hate, and they can get into a fight over a sun beam. You want to be sure to be there to break up a scuffle quickly so no one gets hurt. And never, never leave your dogs alone unattended. Always separate, crate and rotate when you leave. :)
  11. Tara4Cookie

    Tara4Cookie Puppy

    Staffys Come In All Shapes & Sizes :) English Staffys Are More Shorter & Have A Crunched Up Nose Look lol , Irish Staffys Are Taller , Am Staffys Are Taller Aswell But She Looks Like A Amstaff/Irish Staffy Kinda Like My Boy Socks :)
  12. steve

    steve Moderated

    there no breed called irish staffy at all it is just a name to get around pitbull bans
  13. steve

    steve Moderated

    staffy are just a small pitbull simple
  14. Hobbs

    Hobbs Big Dog

    I totally agree! :)
  15. Tara4Cookie

    Tara4Cookie Puppy

  16. steve

    steve Moderated

    sorry that information is wrong & miss leading, the irish staffy is just a name to get around a pitbull ban.

    even top vets & and the uk gov have stat this.
  17. Tara4Cookie

    Tara4Cookie Puppy

    I Dont Care Abou Wat The Uk Gov Or Whoever Have Said Coz I Aint From The Uk So Dahs All Rubbish Te Me So....
    It Mite Be Jus Te Get Around The Pitty Ban & It Mite Be That Der Is Such A Breed =]

    A Irish Staffy Is A Long Legged Staff ! So I Believe .
  18. steve

    steve Moderated

    ok show me a official site from the usa with information only about irish staffy :) i dont want to see unoffical site like dog breed info.

    on my forum i got people all over the world & even irsland haven't heard of the breed.
  19. Tara4Cookie

    Tara4Cookie Puppy

  20. steve

    steve Moderated

    any dick & harry can make stuff up on wiki that link isn't good enough.

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