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Staffie Breeders

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier' started by pitbullmomma28, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    probably like yourself i have no more than a passing interest in the irish dogs and their owners etc....our paths would cross from time to time and you know how some of them irish lads can talk :D.....and i agree with your statement about how so many english lads are totally besotted by anything with irish roots.......
    now as for the stormer dog....i say again,both he and psycho were very overated dogs as individuals in my opinion.....the difference is psycho and his progeny did produce some halfway decent dogs....stormer ( or his progeny ) didnt.....i mean its not like they wasnt trying,the dog i mentioned above was bred many times with many of those pups going to working homes........not 1 dog ever made the grade,i would say thats enough evidence to say the stormer dog and dogs down from him could not produce quality.
    AS for the ROM statement yes i could well believe it,but thats only because i know some of the quality that lads were claiming wins over back then ;)
    as regards to the drs about today,i must admit what i can say a 100 % yes to was 5/6 years ago.....as for today as in this day....i have to take peoples word for it and i have no reason not to trust that word although the bullshit in this breed is probably higher than any other so i wouldnt stake my life on it.
    As for Mo....i remember going down there to see his new catmill....it was a day of great controversy that im sure anyone would tell you changed their outlook on him....so yes i can very well believe what you say about his breedings but then none of us are whiter than white and he was a great character.what you have to remember is the dogs were ten a penny back then and with so much availability nobody studied peds strictly like they do now theres not so many about......sifting through which are the genuine pure staffords would be a mighty task ..i guess your right,strictly speaking many of those dogs are probably not genuine 100 % pure stafford.....but then again the only people who really care is them english lads we discussed earlier ;)....to the rest of us......a good dog is where you find it.

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