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Squiggles my rescue

Hello my name is Beth . I'm new to taptalk . I love American staffier bullies . This is Squiggles and she about a year and a half . I rescued her out of Pennsylvania . She had a rough life of being a outside chained dog . Being neglected , not getting food for several days at a time and dehydration . I have taken her in as my own . Working on her food aggression by simply letting her have her own full bowl of food with the company of my other American staffier bully . Talking to her and petting her . She's adapting to the new surroundings and new friends very well . I have noticed she does have an allergy to either the shampoo i have bathed her with . I was wanting to know what the best cream would be to use for this allergy .? I have been giving her half a benadryll once a day its helping the itch . i wanted to know it getting the clear posion ivy lotion would help also .?

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Lillie May

Good Dog
Hi, do you mean American Staffordshire Terriers or Stafforshire Bull Terriers? Rashes, allergies, and skin problems are common in the bull breeds. Have you taken the dog to the vet? It's ok to give Benedryl 1mg per pound of dog, but that's only a short term solution until you find out what the issue is. I don't put any people products on my dogs, unless directed by my vet. You also shouldn't be feeding the dog with guarding issues near the other dog. How long have you had her and how did you get her? Food could also be the cause of the allergy, as could the shampoo, or any laundry soap or household cleaners. Or she may have mange, that's why I think a trip to the vet is in order.


Chi Super Dog
Working on her food aggression by simply letting her have her own full bowl of food with the company of my other American staffier bully .

If the dog has food aggression, please feed them separately. Also, don't leave any treats on the floor.

As far as the allergy, what food do you feed?
When i first got here i did not feed her with my other dog untill she trusted me enough to know she was going to eat everyday on a schedule . Then I slowly staryed feeding her with my other one . She has not been close enough to be abl to attack my other dog . I feed her purina pro plan lamb and rice . I know for a fact it is not mange . Its allergies to the dog shampoo I had been using . I normally do get on blogs because of people being rude or misinformed . I am giving this a try because I think that there are things that i can learn and things i can give my advice on . I have been around American bullies and helped raise them and reablitate them . I have never had a dog that was allergic to dog shampoo that's why I thought getting on here maybe I could get advice on what's the best antibiotic cream that could be used .?

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Chi Super Dog
Please do not feed your dogs together. Don't take the risk.

As far as what's best for the allergies, call your vet and have the vet look at the dog. Maybe they can suggest something.