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Sporting Dog Journal JULY 2010 SAMPLE!!!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by SDJ2010, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. SDJ2010

    SDJ2010 Puppy




    In this issue, we bring you an exclusive 2010 interview with legendary dogman, the living legend : Ozzie Stevens!!! You can also read about : GR CH CROATA, CH HOMER ROM, CH RASTUS, GR CH VIRGIL ROM, CH WILEY, VILI ROM. You will also find some excellent information on conditioning and breeding etc.

    The e-zine (PDF) version of the Sporting Dog Journal will be published 12 times per year, and released around the 1 of each month. That’s right you read it correctly, this is not just another 6 issues per year magazine.

    Our format is much the same as the “old†SDJ. There will be show news, stories, information, Champion, Grand Champion, and the ROM list etc.

    As well unlike the old SDJ, we are not owned, or do we have a preference to and specific dogman, or bloodline. No longer will you have to receive a magazine that is solely dominated by the editors choice of associations, and bloodlines of their associates.

    This is just a broad overview of what we will be offering in the Sporting Dog Journal.

    Yearly subscription to the Sporting Dog Journal is $35 anywhere in the world.

    Since we realize that many of the magazines that have come out as of late have not been serious in their commitment to the breed, and have folded in short order only to leave those with fully paid yearly subscriptions having to bite the bullet. With this in mind we are offering you the opportunity to try out our magazine without a yearly subscription.

    Single issues of the Sporting Dog Journal will be available for the cost of $6 per issue for the first edition of the Sporting Dog Journal.

    You can make a credit card payment online via paypal.

    We highly recomend to specify the username for which payment is made. When making the payment paypal lets you add a note to the payment, use it to specify your username and any other message you want to convey to the administrators.

    To make a secure credit card payment via paypal just click the button and fill out the info.

    For one year subscription (12 issues), click the button below :


    To buy the JULY 2010 issue, click the button below :


    We are not looking for advertisers but if you want to advertise it’s OK with us. Advertising rates are as follows : full page $10/issue, half page $5/issue.


    Yours truly,
    Johnny Corncob - int.sdj@gmail.com

    P.S. the Ozzie Interview is BRAND NEW, it was done last month at his place. In the meantime you can join SPORTING DOG JOURNAL ONLINEand download the second part of the ED CRENSHAW AUDIO INTERVIEW for FREE!!!
  2. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    Great interview!!! A true legend and the owner of one of the greatest dogs ever in Ch. Homer!!!!

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