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Sporting Dog Journal AUGUST 2010 - GET READY!!!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by SDJ2010, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. SDJ2010

    SDJ2010 Puppy



    Subscritpion Rates
    Annual Subscription : $35
    Single Issue : $6

    Advertising Rates
    Full Page : $20/issue, $200/year
    Half Page: $10/issue, $100/year
    Business Card : $5/issue, $50/year

    For one year subscription (12 issues), click the button below :


    To buy the AUGUST 2010 issue, click the button below :

  2. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    Great work!! 44 pages long... beautiful color photos... nice! A well done magazine.

    MZBULLDOG Little Dog

    Good Work SDJ!!!
  4. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Nicely done!
  5. SDJ2010

    SDJ2010 Puppy


    The e-zine (PDF) version of the Sporting Dog Journal is published 12 times per year, and released around the 1st day of each month. That’s right you read it correctly, this is not just another 6 issues per year magazine.

    Why an e-zine? It's downloadable, printable and affordable. You can access the PDF version of the Sporting Dog Journal from anywhere in the world! Never miss an issue! The magazine will be sent to your inbox each month and geography will be no barrier for people to access or contribute to this e-zine.

    Yearly subscription to the Sporting Dog Journal is $35!!! For one year subscription (12 issues), click the button below :


    Since we realize that many of the magazines that have come out as of late have not been serious in their commitment to the breed, and have folded in short order only to leave those with fully paid yearly subscriptions having to bite the bullet. With this in mind we are offering you the opportunity to try out our magazine without a yearly subscription.

    Single issues of the Sporting Dog Journal will be available for the cost of $6 per issue!!!

    To buy the AUGUST 2010 issue, click the mag below :


    To buy the JULY 2010 issue, click the mag below :


    FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT WWW.SPORTINGDOGJOURNAL.INFO or email me at : int.sdj@gmail.com

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