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spiney mouse

Discussion in 'Exotic Mammals' started by cher_bear, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. cher_bear

    cher_bear Good Dog

    i just thought i would post a pic of our mousie.we have had him almost 5 years.[​IMG]
    this is in his travel cage.his real home is a 20 gallon aquarium
  2. 4loveofpits

    4loveofpits Little Dog

    He's so cute. I love his pudgie body.
  3. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    He's adorable:D..lucky little mouse..has his own little travel case....:D
  4. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    He is adorable!!
  5. MercedesMama

    MercedesMama Big Dog

    That is the cutest mouse ever!
  6. cher_bear

    cher_bear Good Dog

    thanks :) i really like him too
  7. Teal

    Teal Krypto Super Dog Premium Member

    How cute is THAT!

    PNWPBR Good Dog

    wow, 5 years?! Is that good for a mouse? I didnt think they had a long life expectancy. Yay for the mousie! :)
  9. Ive even had typical hamsters live 6yrs!!! it depends on the individual animal as well as there care...

    Spiny mice are so dang adorable! I almost got some awhile back but I prefer larger exotics.
  10. cher_bear

    cher_bear Good Dog

    PNWBR i dont let the kids play too rough with him so that has undoubtedly helped with his life span:D
    j/k they are very careful with him

    i like him quite a bit,he doesnt smell and he is well behaved,but when the time does come i think i will be getting another rat.they seem much more social and trainable.we used to have really nice rat when we lived in an apt.i think the kids would like lizards but the crickets drive me nuts!:p
  11. cher_bear

    cher_bear Good Dog

  12. PNWPBR

    PNWPBR Good Dog

  13. Is yours Egyptian? I had a problem with mine. They supposedly gave me two females, which turned out to be one of each gender. They had babies, ate one baby, and the mother had babies with the remaining baby. It was absolutely horrible. I separated the parents, then the baby became the problem. The pet store apologized, and gave me my money back.
  14. cher_bear

    cher_bear Good Dog

    really i have no idea,my oldest daughter gave him to me..and sad to say he passed away a few months ago. he is burrried in my "pet cemetary" next to our beloved Stafford Nibs sorry i could not be of more help.Im sorry your experience with them wasnt good:( i really enjoyed mine... i think that rats seem to be more easy to train though(more clever really:D)

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