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South African Boerboel


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I've only met one Boerboel and can't claim to know much about the breed, but the one I met was, at least, extremely dog-reactive. She was a farm dog that hasn't been socialized with dogs at all, so that could be part of it. She was very sweet with everyone at the clinic, though, even when her owner wasn't in the room.


I have been doing some research and was wondering if anyone had good info on this breed? Do they carry the same Dog Aggressive Traits as APBTs? I've read they are great guard dogs, and good with family, but other than that I have not found anything that says they are A DA breed... Any help would be great!

Nat Ursula

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I know someone who has one. He is fierce looking. He told me his 16 yr old chihuahua was the boss of the three dogs! I don't know where his son got him.


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The Boerboel shouldn't really be dog reactive. They were bred to run in packs protecting the South African farms from raiders and predators. They ate together, slept together and protected the homestead together. There was no place for dog aggression/reactivity back then. You are starting to see it emerge more and more as breeders take the Boerboel in a new direction with more focus placed on exaggerated features and colours... The temperament of the Boerboel is beginning to suffer with more ending up in shelters and hearing more about them being human aggressive.

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Going back several years, there was a Boerboel from a breeder in one of Veronica's training classes. The dog wasn't great with other dogs, but not as reactive as V. Also I remember the dog was pretty stubborn as far as following through w/ commands fro,m the owner.


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Weird, this thread reads like I started it from my phone. Glitch maybe? I'm not the OP.


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I have a friend who's daughter trains with one in agility. It's really incredible to watch.
You can find him on FB if you'd like.
Tsavo Tsavo