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Some people have to learn the hard way...


Big Dog
Before we got our puppy we were looking at several other puppies ( different breeds and mixes ) from various shelters. It can actually be difficult to find a puppy from a shelter in my area (VT). Many of the shelter charge adoption fees of around $400 too. However, some people don't think of all the costs associated with puppies. When you adopt one its UTD on shots and you know its healthy. Seems like too many people think only about the short run.
How are you to tell a "Backyard" breeder from a reputable breeder, there are thousands of "breeders" on Facebook alone not to mention the millions on the web itself. I hear they can now forge papers for dogs and even have vets that participate in the DNA scams to make people think they are getting something high quality when they are not. I am thankful the Breeder we got our pup from was highly recommended from sevral sources and it helped that he all but interviewed me and my wife and asked for references and had us sign a contract which will allow him to legally reclaim the pup if we fail to meet our obligations as owners. Now that I've read this story I don't feel this process was extreme at all and I wonder how someone is supposed to be able to weed through all the crap to find the good ones.


Good Dog
There are obvious signs of a questionable breeder. It comes down in knowing both where and how to spot those red flags. One of the biggest red flags is people that will breed a dog despite having never done anything with it, or people that breed specifically for color/head size


Good Dog
How horrible. That poor, sweet girl. I pray she makes it and finds a fabulous home that will love her the way she deserves to be loved. And I hope a piano falls on that dumb asses head


Today a couple stopped by my neighbor's estate sale, they had a 5-6 month old blue Pit bull. They started calling my dog over to the gate so I went outside to talk to them. Like some people i meet he had to boast about his "full blooded blue nose" and how big her mommy and daddy were and offered to breed with my dog for half the litter(my dogs also a female and spayed). I am against breeding at all cost unless the sire and dam are a proven show prospects, WPCs', or are bred for agility etc. She was being walked with a skinny leash wrapped around her neck.... -______- Long story short I gave them a few of my strong dog collars and leashes and told them where to get their dogs spayed for free. I told them if they ever need help or have friends that need help to come to my house. He is another example of an ignorant BYB in the making. Hopefully everything i had to say stuck in his head and he'll get her spayed. Can't afford a collar, can't afford a dog.
I just read thru this thread.. when I did cat rescue, I had an entire section in my pamphlet that I talked about not breeding and in there I covered that whole "Wonder of birth" thing by saying "If you choose to breed your cat so that your kids can experience the miracle of birth, also take them to the shelter so they can see death because life and death go hand in hand."


Little Dog
There should be an internal database that rescue organizations and humane societies etc can post to of all the fucktards that should not have dogs.

In my city the local shelter said they have to do a home visit. The form also asks if one rents or owns. What experience do you have with dogs etc.

I think all the rescue societies should be as diligent if not more because some rescues may be desperate to find a home for a death row dog and accidentally but with good intentions release the breed to the wrong people and inherently hurt the breed reputation.

The op story made me sick to my stomach and I had thoughts of karma coming to that POS and when he is reborn hopefully its in a world the believes in culling. Cuz he needs a good bonk on the head.