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Some people have to learn the hard way...

She is doing absolutely amazing! Dashy has such a great temperament, we just adore her. We took her with us to an after school program for inner city kids and she did fabulous. I'll try and upload some more pics :)


It will come,and when it does...ZOMBIES! I cant wait..

lol! You're not the only one waiting on this.

What I don't understand about all these people breeding pits is how can you NOT worry about what kind of homes your dog's puppies will end up in? What if someone wants a pup to fight? Or if the owner doesn't know how to handle the breed and the dog isn't raised properly? The pup could end up jumping home to home, at a shelter, or even euthanized. Looking at the pups wouldn't you see little miniatures of your own dog? I couldn't handle the thought of my dog ending up in a shelter or mistreated. :(


Good Dog
When someone sells a puppy that pup is no longer their property it is the new owners property. And people can do with their property whatever they want to. If they want ot paint the dog pink with purple polka dots then they can.

Mollie's Nana

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Staff member
Wildstyle.... sadly, most people that are breeding and selling pups on the side of the road, don't care so much what kind of home the pup ends up in, as they do how much $$$$ they are going to get out of you. :(


Oh man this thread is sad!! Poor girl. Conformationally, my girl is a hot mess. She has stifles that at straight as a board, her front legs are way shorter than her back legs, and all sorts of other structural issues. But she's a blue, so she was bred asap. I got her at 1.5 years, and she already had a litter. Her pups also werent coming out. The owners took her to the vet for an emergency c-section. While getting the pups out, the vet noticed something wrong with her uterus so had to spay her. The owners took her and her pups home. 8 weeks later, she was surrendered to local animal control and said she was a stray. But a vet tech at the vets office happened to be volunteering at the shelter that day, so she knew she wasn't a stray. And shortly after, Lucy started her new life at my house :)

At least the owners in lucys story were "thoughtful" enough to surrender her and take her in for a csection. But it just shows how these dogs are just money machines to them and nothing else. Makes me sick.
This post makes me very happy in my decision to adopt Roxxi from a shelter rather than buying a German Shepherd puppy from a breeder. I love my puppy and she's so great! Your post is amazing and I'm glad you posted it!


So happy to hear that Dashy is ok and she got adopted. My dog is smaller (45 lbs) pit mix and one question I get asked all the time when we are out walking is if she is fixed. I make to sure to tell them yes because she came from the animal shelter and all the dogs there get fixed because there are so many dogs there.


Hey, this is off-topic but is your name really Stormy?
It's just it's a very uncommon name, and it's my moms name. :lol:
that is so sad, i dont know if they have it where he was but where i live we have a free vet she comes down with a bus every saturday and gives free vaccines and worms your dog or cats. and even helps get your pits fixed


Cow Dog
So I JUST now read this thread.. I know, it took a while.. But I wanted to bump this up for any new members thinking of breeding their dogs. It's a happy ending to an awful story but unfortunately, many stories that start out like this one, don't have happy endings.



Thanks for bumping this up Amara, it's a very good thread.
Sad, but important.

My dad had the exact same thing happen with his female cat. She ended up with a blood infection, which she recovered from, however she passed it to her sister who was living in the same house and the other cat died from it. RIP Tweety :(
He HAD to breed her because she's a "beautiful cat with the nicest blue eyes, she's such a great cat and everyone wants a kitten from her. Her and her first litter are so affectionate and snugly, not many cats are like that" :rolleyes: Blah blah blah.

It's so sad and the worst part is, he wants to breed her again!!!! :mad: :no2:


Thanks for bumping. I read this before you bumped though. :) Yay me! I'm seriously reading through these stickys like mad...learnlearnlearn.


Cow Dog
That's good, like I said in a different thread, reading and learning from others' experiences is the best way to go about things :)

BTW- I didn't mean you in particular. We get a lot of new members that come in asking how to breed their dogs.