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So, You Want To Breed Your Female?

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Vicki, May 24, 2008.

  1. maui's moku

    maui's moku Little Dog

    i learned w/ my female rott....years ago,bred her and took excellent care during her pregnancy..the day she went into labor,she was in the backyard..looking ay me threw the screen door kinda funny,so I got up and OMG she had given birth to a puppy..didnt even turn to look at it,she was looking at me like ????? so i picked up the pup,removed the bag,wiped him off and blew in his mouth..he survived while I was busy w/ that pup she dropped another in the yard.I put her in the whelping box and assisted her for 4 hours and 5 puppies later..she didnt respond to any of them.I had to hand and force feed 6 puppies for 3 weeks.What a nightmare..never again !!! I was stupid and would never again want to go thru that again!! And as shame as I am to admit..where are the puppies today ??? Have no clue..lost touch w/ the owners.My dog was spayed 5 weeks later.No vet bills but a nightmare !!! NO PUPPIES FOR ME
  2. blackjack

    blackjack Puppy

    should make us all think,good post purple
  3. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVSwyqoHUQY"]YouTube - What you don't see at the Pound[/ame]
  4. ugobananas

    ugobananas Big Dog

    Why wasn't your dog spayed? ESPECIALLY after the first litter? Sheesh. :hairpull:
  5. Debbie

    Debbie Good Dog

    Apbtlover09....you needed to put a "Tissue Alert" in there....:crytissue:
  6. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog


    i forgot to mention that :(
  7. JECKA

    JECKA Puppy

    I agree to that as well, inexprienced breeders should think twice before bringing pups into a hard world...
  8. hunnbunny360

    hunnbunny360 Puppy

    Oh no, HE WAS JUST A KITTEN!!!
    Thats total BS man.
    Anyways,:cheers:(cheers on the post) The first thing I thought about when I read the first posting was "I need to print this out and give it to my friend" Shes trying to buy a puppy from a breeder so she can breed it, Her Bitch is SO not healthy enough to breed, we keep trying to tell her, but she is refusing to listen to us, Maybe now she will listen to me when I tell her that her dog is not okay to breed.

  9. Jax

    Jax Puppy

    i dont agree with ANYONE breeding. I've seen many animals be put to sleep and will continue seeing them until the day i leave my job at the shelter. I was told that i would get used to seeing animals put to sleep but, it just kills my soul when an irresponsible pet owner brings in a litter of pups because they couldnt find them homes and they get put right to sleep because we have no room. I dont advise anyone to breed ever. Go adopt from your local shelter. I'm sure i'm preaching to the choir, but i had to vent on this.
  10. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    You don't agree with anyone at all breeding? Even those that do it responsibly? If no one bred EVER, then we would run out of dogs. Do you mean no one should be for a certain amount of time?
  11. Jax

    Jax Puppy

    Well maybe I was alittle harsh on saying no one should breed. Im just against back yard breeders looking to make a buck.
  12. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Oh okay, that I can understand.
  13. PitBullHappeningsRescue

    PitBullHappeningsRescue Rescue Moderator Premium Member

    I want to Breed my Female!! ...but I have a serious problem... she's spayed :eek: how can I correct this problem? :lol:
  14. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    Thank you for posting that video APBTlover09. People need to see such things...
  15. DieselPitBull

    DieselPitBull Good Dog

    wow that's brutal! :eek:
  16. great post!!!!..........not only can all of these things go wrong ,some of the things happen often. and there are more problems than that although you coversd quite a few.#1 the stud you go to has babesia,#2sweet lil momma doesnt eat the pups but kills a few n wont have nothing to do with the rest,so now you must ductape her mouth and hold her down several times a day to feed!!! and the list goes on!!! I bred these dogs for many years and have delt with most of the problems in your post,I no longer breed but here's a word to the wise. leave the breeding to the pros. And if your gonna breed anyway please do your homework,have all the rite supplys,meds,and close contact with your vet!!!!!
  17. jlynne

    jlynne Puppy

    Great post, it disgust me when people inquire about this breed only looking at the dollar signs and not at welfare of 10 or so puppies they ARE responsible for; who are be band in the city. There is not enough being done to make sure these dogs are going to good homes, it breaks my heart.
  18. fwfats

    fwfats Puppy

    where can i professional breeding?

    If i want to breed my red nose pit, is there a place in Chicago I can take my dog to breed? Also, what are the prices?
  19. maui's moku

    maui's moku Little Dog

  20. Chapstickglue

    Chapstickglue Big Dog

    simply horrifying

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