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So, you THINK you might have a "Pit Bull"? Genotype vs Phenotype!

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by DieselDawg, May 28, 2009.

  1. cenghusen

    cenghusen Puppy

    How do you tell the difference between an AMStaff and the other ones,(sorry, still learning). I'm trying to figure out what mine is, predominantly. She has no papers, but hey, neither do I and she is beautiful!
  2. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    Maybe she has never had a purebred and registered dog in her pedigree.
    Maybe she is like those dogs were before registries created a breed standard and slapped a breed name on a dog.
    Maybe she is a mix of all the bully breeds just like those dogs were before registries got a hold of them and created what they wanted.
    Maybe that's what she is. In which case, why slap a breed name on her now? She isn't registered nor has a pedigree.
    My best guess is she is a bulldog x terrier mix and I'd be shocked if I was very far off.
    Oh, and are you a purebred or are you just a human being ?? ... and if you don't have papers, can you vote where you live ?? ;)
  3. cenghusen

    cenghusen Puppy

    I love that! I don't have to sneak to vote...yet. I was just curious about what breed she is. Thank you!!!!:eek:
  4. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    The dog in my avatar (R.I.P. Rowdy) was about the best dog I've ever owned. He was from unknown origin and pedigree. He found me from the streets and insisted I give him a home. Rowdy was not to be denied. A more devoted friend, I couldn't have asked for. Rowdy was focused, determined and took care of business when need be.

    I never called Rowdy a pit bull because he never saw the [] in his life. I didn't called him an APBT or AmStaff because he wasn't registered and pedigreed. I called him a bull & terrier mix or mostly just a bulldog ... and that he was.

    In the "right light" I could see all the bully breeds in Rowdy. He may never have had a purebred and registered dog in his pedigree ... But Rowdy was really something ... to me.

    Now you may wish to slap a breed label on your dog. I'm sure the general public will see your dog as a "pit bull", an often generic term in main stream media and with the general public. People "in the know" don't like the way the term "pit bull" is tossed around because there is only one American PIT BULL Terrier and they feel the term should only be applied to a dog of that known pedigree ... not unknowns and mixed variants. They would prefer those dogs be called Pit Bull mix or perhaps pit bull type.

    For me, sometimes it is what it is and we just have to accept, embrace and love our dogs regardless of knowing or not knowing where they came from. A good one is where you find it :)
  5. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    I just wanted to add that I've seen pictures of your dog elsewhere on this site and she is stunning !!! :)
  6. cenghusen

    cenghusen Puppy

    Thank you, so was Rowdy. I tend to call mine a pit bull mix, but only if I am taking her to the vet. Otherwise, she's just Toph.
  7. [​IMG]. Thi is my little man and ppl keep kicking him wen he approaches them and he is gentle dog

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  8. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Stop letting him approach random people. Believe it or not but many people don't want to be approached by strange dogs. You should always ask first, and if they say no, respect their wishes.
  9. Ok since I sent last post we have slowly gained the respect of strangers wif his new walking gear and his friend from the park [​IMG]

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  10. Ok since I sent last post we have slowly gained the respect of strangers wif his new walking gear [​IMG]

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  11. [​IMG][​IMG] i got my dog 6 months a go and ppl keep tellin me he put cross pic can any one help me

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  12. DoggyKong

    DoggyKong Little Dog

    Unfortunately, if you don't know what he is mixed with, no one here will know either. He is a cutie tho!
  13. Cosmic Charlie

    Cosmic Charlie Good Dog

    Unless the dog is registered with a reputable registry you will never know what breed(s) your dog is. Love your dog the same and it shouldn't matter what breeds are mixed to make the dog. If it mattered you would of went to a reputable breeder and got a papered dog.
    He looks like a nice dog and what the general public considers a "pit bull". I would guess some sort of bull dog mix.

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