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So, you THINK you might have a "Pit Bull"? Genotype vs Phenotype!

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by DieselDawg, May 28, 2009.

  1. Shes Got Heart

    Shes Got Heart Little Dog

    Great post. :) It's funny I was never interested in this stuff in school... but as an adult I find it fascinating. lol
  2. Arion

    Arion Puppy

    Good post !I think it encourages people to adopt as well
  3. jackielynn91

    jackielynn91 Little Dog

    i really liked this post very informative..many people do not know what a real apbt looks like they call it one when they have an entirely different breed.
  4. K.t. Linda

    K.t. Linda Puppy

    Love this post! Great read even for ppl with registered dogs. BTW, I had a sticker made at a shop that said "Love Your Cock-a-Poo? I Got My Designer Dog 1/2 Price @ S.S.H.S! PROUD SUPPORTERS OF AMERICAN MUTTS!" I work seasonally for a vet, I think I mentioned that in another post, but every spring we get a bunch of crazy suburban soccer moms who don't understand why they pd $1200 for their maltipoo, goldendoodle, ect, and can't get them registered. The go to rational is "oh but the dame was pure bred ____ & the the sire was pure bred_____, so that makes a pure designer yada, yada, yada," The it makes me smile when people recognize their mixes, and round here one of the most common acknowledgments is hey , I got a pitbull mix. Something in my community that saddens me is all these kids that buy from byb and claim that they know they've got a purebred "cuz I seen they mama an they daddy" or " I seen the papers on one parent or the other" face it, you can't judge a book by its cover, with mixed genetics you have dominant genes & recessive genes going where they want. If papa APBT is pure but Mommy Am. Bully or Pit terrier mix has APBT dominant look, your baby is going to be 75% and look possibility 100% the APBT part. What saddens me isn't that tho, its that with so many byb in the Chicagoland area I am often finding myself doubting the vast majority of people who tell me they have APBT. Not on here, but def in my neck of the hood, I mean woods.
  5. This was very EASY to read! Thank you!!! I am currently attempting to find out if my dogs are in fat APBT...I have been told my female is an AM STAFF and my boy is an APBT however now I am being told my boy is AM Bully....I wish I could get a straight answer out of someone!!!! LOL guess I will have to get there DNA tested i suppose :p .....either way i will always love my bullys :)
  6. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    DNA testing is not advanced enuff (they don't have the DNA sequences for APBTs) to distinguish breeds between an AST, APBT, ect.

    They are good for verifying parentage ( sires and dams ).

    Don't waste your money on DNA tests...just enjoy your dog like the Dogmen of the Past enjoyed thiers.
  7. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    LOL! So true. I know of many bybs around here. I actually know a guy that was looking for a purebred Rottweiler to breed to his Rot/Dobe/Pit mix because "she is so nice and everyone wants her puppies". Facepalm, seriously.

    I also know of another byb that breeds "APBTs" but the dogs are seriously gorgeous. They might even be purebred but they're not tested or proven so I wouldn't touch them but seriously the parents and puppies were all amazing and very well-put-together when they were grown. I wish I had a pic of the puppy my friend got last year but he and his gf broke up and she got the dog.
  8. ZorMac

    ZorMac Puppy

    this is one of the best post i have read thanks for posting
  9. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    TY ZorMac ;-)
  10. madden

    madden Little Dog


    I think this would be a good example of an imaged version of the OP, and this is a dog out of a breeder kennel. they claim APBT's. only with an added NON CAPITALIZED word in the front... " At "anonymous" Pitbull Kennels we breed bully American Pitbull Terriers" i just do not see APBT anywhere in there. maybe there could be a 50-55 lbs terrier inside that blob...... just stating an opinion.

    i have no knowledge in genetics. nor do i claim to know complete characteristics of APBT's. i'm just following what my eyes are seeing.
  11. jmsheahan

    jmsheahan Little Dog

    Very easy to understand and clears up alot of the rabble you hear around about breeding mixed dogs
  12. safesinger

    safesinger Puppy

    I've always had a Amstaff companion since I was young. And everyone of them looked nothing like that big grey and white monster..lol They were registered don't get me wrong they were stocky but in a healty way strong and fast.
    The Heaviest AmStaff we ever had was 72lbs and she was bread with a great line her name was Kiss-Kiss.
  13. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    ^^That dog in the picture is a Am.Bully so of course your Am.Staffs wouldnt look anything like it..
    And bread is food nothing to do with dogs.
  14. safesinger

    safesinger Puppy

    Wasn't saying it wasn't a cute dog it's adorable. But at that size it wouldn't be a great working breed. Guess it would be one hell of a weight puller though.
  15. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    I never accused you of calling it ugly I was saying of course it looks nothing like your am. Staffs since they are a different breed.

    And ya they are a pretty useless breed.
    The only "type" that can actually move without having a hett attack are the classic and maybe the xl.
    They were basically bred to be a trophy breed nothing more then a pet.
  16. JimR

    JimR Puppy

    do some more research.

  17. JimR

    JimR Puppy


    environment CAN turn on/off genes and gene proteins.
  18. visiongee

    visiongee Little Dog

    Genotype vs phenotype All I know is an APBT type, Am Staff Type, Staff Type, and Bully type the first being in a class all of their own. Nothing wrong with any of them its all about what you like or prefer in a dog. Im a simple man if it aint broke why fix it, it might not run correctly tomorrow.
  19. MidnightSkye

    MidnightSkye Little Dog

    genotype schmenotype! lol jk
  20. prunty

    prunty Puppy

    I know I have a pit bull but I'm not familiar with his bloodline thought may be you could help...colby bloodline

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