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So glad I decided to keep her ears natural!!


Little Dog
Because I would get the joy of watching them do a million different crazy things!!! They flip up, over, back, completely folded. I just love them :)


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Little Dog
Love them!! Anyone is welcome to add their crazy ear pics too!!


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Krypto Super Dog
Premium Member
LOL! My pup is going through a crazy ear stage right now, too... every hour, they're in a different position!

Your pup is absolutely darling :)


Little Dog
Thanks! Every few minutes Luna's ears do somethin different I swear lol! Just wish my phone took better pics :( And your puppy is zealnd right? He's so cute too!!


Big Dog
Since our dogs are just pets, no showing or breeding, I wouldn't want to invest either the money or time to mess with cropping ears. But I love the natural ears, they are so expressive and cute. Sadie's ears do all sorts of goofy things. I especially like them when she is really concentrating on something, then her ears just hover over the top of her head and her forehead is wrinkly and it's just too cute. She actually looks kind of serious for a minute, until goofiness kicks in and she's back to normal.


Good Dog
She has the best wonky ear EVER!!

Teal, look familiar? Here are Crickets ears... they started popping up at about 14 weeks.



Krypto Super Dog
Premium Member
Thanks! Every few minutes Luna's ears do somethin different I swear lol! Just wish my phone took better pics :( And your puppy is zealnd right? He's so cute too!!

Yup, that's my boy!

Today, his ears went from perfect rose... to one rose/one prick... to airplane... to rose/airplane/rose/airrose! LOL It will be interesting to see how they turn out!

Amber - Their resemblance at that age is creepy! O.o LOL At least it speaks to the dogs producing consistently! LOL