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snake people, I need some help! :D

Discussion in 'Reptiles & Amphibians' started by ganja, May 6, 2009.

  1. sandman

    sandman Puppy

    if your looking for some ball pythons morphs check out kingsnake.com classified. there are so many morphs now u wouldnt believe it. from like $50 to several thousand dollars just depend on how much u wanna pay. ive got a pastel morph ball python. normal pattern but yellow lower half. also probably the coolest looking one for the money is the spider morph. had one but it just up and died one day. u could prolly get one for like 300 or so now tho.

    good luck and let us know what u get
  2. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    I really don't want to sound rude, but to be honest, I hate the look of corn snakes lol
    I don't like the snake spieces who's heads aren't properly seperated from their bodies (not sure if I'm explaining this well.. lol)

    I'm in love with ball pythons, I got my female a few weeks ago, she first didn't want to eat, she bit but let go about 2-3 mins afterwards, tried again a few days later and everything goes fine ^^

    other snakes I would love to own are
    *morelia spilota mcdowelli
    *morelia viridis (not the nicest ones, I know, but they are such beauties!)
    *boa (probably the BCI or red tailed)

    I think saying to someone "maybe that snake isn't the best for a beginner" isn't fair. I think if someone is dedicated enough, and took enough time to read and learn about what species they want, they can keep it without much trouble... well... maybe not for venomous snakes, but we can't keep them here anyways so... :lol: not even sure I would want one...

    I have a heating pad but it's placed underneath the tank, so she can dig all she want, she won't be able to burn herself (and yes, it's connected to a thermostat ;))
  3. sandman

    sandman Puppy

    cool glad u got a bp they are very cool snakes. rather boring temperments but they are great snakes. love myne. got any pics of your new snake.
  4. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    just posted some new pics ;)
  5. stef1978

    stef1978 Puppy

    my list of scaly pets...

    I've had snakes for about 18 years off and on. I was about 13 when I got my first-a ball python my mom game me for x-mas, and I would like to say last time I checked with the people I gave him to Max is still alive and slithering! I see alot of people posting on here asking about different types of snakes/reptiles-so I'll rattle off what I have, and can answer a variety of questions about the sub-species I do have experience with.
    *Boas*-Will be breeding for my first clutch this year!
    Rosy-approx 7 ft normal Columbian Red Tail
    Rocky-5 ft normal Columbian red tail
    Ruby-09 hatchling Hypo red tail
    Rambo-09 hatchling hypo PTH red tail
    Ramona-08 normal PDH female
    Boss Hogg-05 Hogg Island Boa male
    Daisy-05 Hogg Island Boa female(partial tail stripe)
    2 baby boas-these are Boss Hogg and Daisy's babies-are for sale or trade!
    *Ball Pythons*
    Fluffy-04 female normal ball
    Steve-06 male pastel ball
    *Corn Snakes*(These are my daughter's snakes)
    Bob(as in spongebob)-Snow male corn
    Sandy(as in Sandy Cheeks)-hypo female corn
    Wiggles(3 year old named her)-creamsicle female corn
    Whew-there's my snakes...We also have a pair of bearded dragons(Spike and Jane), and a Crested gecko(who's looking for a new home-too fast for the kiddo to hold). I know that sounds like alot, and we do handle the snakes and lizards, but snakes eat at most 1 time a week, they go to the bathroom once for when they eat-sometimes less often than that. They don't really make noise either. It's easy to accumulate them-LOL I've decided to skip the next herp show in my area because I've come home with something the last two months....

    ---------- Post added at 03:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:24 PM ----------

    I had a male spider, and he died one day for no visible reason as well! I wonder if there is some sort of genetic defect with some of them? He was an aggressive eater-never had any issues with him!
  6. Koley

    Koley Little Dog

    ^^^ spider balls often have "spin syndrome"

    But back to the original topic.....

    Gaboon viper = NO!!!! Though these are the most beautiful IMHO snake in the world they are also extremely venomous and should only be kept by overly experienced hot hobbyists. This species though often mild tempered is extremely unpredictable and the anti-venom is not kept in hospitals (unless they are aware that one is present in the area). Most states WILL NOT allow the species to be kept, those that do require permits.

    Burmese- Males will range 12- 16 ft but can and will exceed if not maintenance feed, females will often reach the 16- 18 ft mark but can exceed. This species is docile by nature when properly handled and raised but being a large constrictor has the potential to be deadly and has an extreme feeding response.

    Ball Pythons- Though often thought as "beginner snakes" they do have requirements to stay healthy. Males usually reach about 3 and a half to 4 ft sometimes larger and females usually can hit 5 ft (They can grow larger that is a rare occasion). They tend to be nippy as juvis but easily calm down with gentle handling.

    Blue eye lucys- now this is a morph. There are 2 species that this morph (color) is present in, ball pythons & reticulated pythons. Since you listed BP's already I will assume you are referring to the retic. Retics of all morphs (with the exception of the localities that are dwarfs and super dwarfs both of which do not come in this morph) are the longest snakes in the world. Males range 14ft+ (no end mark as the PHS owns a male tiger retic "Donnie" that is 20+ ft) Females usually will always at least reach the 18 ft mark. This species has an extremely high feeding response, though it has been said that the retic is one of the most intelligent species of snake and is often able to identify its owner, when in feeding mood all bets are off. This species can be as docile as an outdoor kitty or extremely aggressive and tends to have "bad moods" and should not be considered for anyone that does not have experience with large boids.

    All that being said and since this topic has seemed to settle on BPs the ball python is one of the easier species to keep (BTY the mojaves are my fave). Humidity level should be between 65% to 70% and temp should be mid to high 70s on the cool side and 90 or so on the hot. Balls are shy by nature and should be provided with 2 hides one on both sides (hot and cold). A gently handled ball will become accustomed to there handler and will often cruise around on you (their warm tree as I like to call it, I'm my burms warm branch lol). Balls are a chubby snake and SHOULD NOT BE PROPORIONED. Food items should be as big or almost as big (widest point of the prey item often the stomach) as the snakes widest point (most common mistake for snake owner is feeding prey items that are too small). 10gal is suitable for an hatchling, 20 gal long is suitable for a juvi, most adult males are also fine in a 20 long, large females (at least 4 ft) can go in a 40 gal breeder tank. Also snakes are a nocturnal species and DO NOT require uv lighting (as long as the room they are kept in is lit during the day they do not require a light) as far as heat goes I prefer under tank heaters as they do not dry out the tank as heat lamps do and unless you live in a humid climate you shouldn’t use heat lamps. Another common mistake by beginner keepers. . . . Unlike lizards and geckos, snakes shed in ONE whole piece, if your snake is shedding in segments your humidity is too low. Bad sheds can result in retained eye caps which is all too common in BPs (the scale over the eye is not shed) left alone this can cause a bacterial infection and left untreated death.
  7. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    I don't plan on adding a gaboon viper? if I said so, I meant I liked them, sorry if I didn't explain myself wel.. no way I would get a venomous snake before 20-30 yrs experience and that I'm not even sure of ^^

    I'm not that dumb

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