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skin allergys-supplement help

Cesar has always had very mild skin allergies i figured becuase the other owner had him on diamond puppy kibble. of coarse i got him off from that and onto a more natural diet of chicken,turkey,venasin,salmon and raw veggies (i know its unnessecarry but he enjoys them)
it took me the coarse of about a month to remove the kibble from his diet he would do well untill i would remove the last bit then get diareha so i figured no harm in him having a half cup of kibble but he still suffers from mild allergies (red patches of skin and the occassional red bumps) so i figured i would get him on a skin and coat supplement. but everyone i try he vomits after taking it. i tried lipiderm liquid,grizzley salmon oil,vitacaps,fish oil caps even cod liver oil but after eating it he vomits he doestn vomit anything else up thought maybe it was a fish allergy but he eats salmon just fine hes also had bass just fine?
should i not bother with the supplements since tis such a mild allergy?


Big Dog
From what I've read from dogfoodchat, if you feed a bunch of fish and grass-fed beef, you shouldn't need to supplement... If it's mild, then maybe some benedryl can help? Or hydroxizine? I know those aren't supplements... But if you find a miracle supplement, let me know! I want it!


Little Dog
Ya completely depends on the amount of free range or grass fed meats you're feeding.

You can try coconut oil if you haven't yet. i've heard from a few people that it's helped clear a few little bumps and stuff up by just rubbing through their coat and on their skin daily.
ohh il have to try the coconut oil! thanks just with my other pup guiness he had mild allergies as well but as soon as i got him on fish oil they were gone complety and since cesar is his half brother i figred it might be about that same


Little Dog
Shit i didn't add cold pressed, natural etc, make sure it's good quality and there aren't any impurities!!! sorry i forgot to edit and add that earlier... btw.. it's great to cook with as well :lol: