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IA: Sioux City - BSL proponent's Labrador bites neighbor

Discussion in 'Breed Specific Legislation' started by odd.eyed.jack, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. odd.eyed.jack

    odd.eyed.jack Little Dog

    Rochester awaits verdict after Lab bites neighbor

    SIOUX CITY -- The city councilman who led the drive to ban pit bulls in Sioux City is waiting to find out whether his Labrador retriever will be euthanized for biting a neighbor.

    Councilman Aaron Rochester said Tuesday he has appealed Sioux City Animal Control's determination that his family's yellow lab is vicious after Saturday's incident, which resulted in an emergency room visit and five stitches for the injured neighbor.

    Sioux City Police Capt. Pete Groetken said he held a hearing on Rochester's appeal Tuesday morning and will reach a decision by the end of the week. He can either uphold Animal Control's designation or overturn it.

    The 3-year-old dog, Jake, is being held at the Animal Control shelter until the case is resolved.

    At 4:45 p.m. Saturday, a man and woman who live in the neighborhood walked by the Rochesters' home in the 1300 block of 46th St. The lab was sitting on the front porch. As the couple walked by on the sidewalk, the dog ran off the porch and jumped the man, Groetken said..

    The neighbor suffered a scratch to his right leg as he tried to push the dog away, some marks on his chest and bites to his thumb that required five stitches at a hospital emergency room. Groetken declined to identify the man because the case remains under investigation.

    Rochester said his neighbor did not wish to be identified, and other neighbors contacted by the Journal said they did not know who he was.

    Rochester said he and his wife, Amy, held a birthday party for their youngest child, Kate, on Saturday. Amy had gone inside their house while Kate and a friend played outside. Rochester said he had left the party to drive his eldest son to work.

    "(Amy) heard something and yelled at Jake to come in the house, and he ran in the front door," Rochester said. "The people know our dog, and the wife said Jake would bring her a tennis ball and she would throw it. He is a great watchdog. My speculation is, he was watching our children and may have thought they were in danger."

    An Animal Control officer impounded Jake on Saturday after the dog bite was reported. Rochester said someone at the hospital called police to report the bite, which he said is standard practice.

    Last year, Rochester led the council's controversial effort to ban future ownership of pit bulls in Sioux City. Rochester supported his position with Animal Control reports showing that type of dog is the most apt to bite people.

    Pit bull owner Amanda Gardner, who helped lead opposition to the ordinance, said Tuesday night: "I don't wish any dog to be put down. But how many little kids have cried because their pit bulls have been banned from the city or euthanized? In Aaron's words, a bite's a bite."

    Dog owner Terry Mann, who also opposed the pit bull ban, said, "Labs are one of the best breeds there are; the most friendly. ... I don't think the dog should be put down at all."

    Rochester emphasized that he has not gotten special treatment because of his position as an elected official.

    "It happened Saturday afternoon, and Animal Control had my dog by Saturday night," he said. "I did not get special treatment."

    Vicious-dog proceedings

    Police Capt. Pete Groetken has two choices when he hears cases of animals declared vicious by Sioux City Animal Control: He can uphold or overturn the ruling.

    If he upholds the decision, the pet owner may appeal his ruling to a special master appointed by the city manager and eventually could appeal the master's decision to court.

    If in the end the dog is found to be vicious, the animal must be euthanized.

    "I have yet to have an owner say go ahead and euthanize my dog," Groetken said. "There is language in the city code that says if the owner refuses to do it, the city can do it."

    Last year, the City Council redefined vicious animals. To be declared vicious, an animal must bite or harm a person or another animal. The injury would have to cause "bleeding or noticeable and documented injury to the person" or significant injury to another animal or fowl that requires medical attention. A trained guard dog or K-9 is not subject to that provision.

    Pet owners used to have the option of placing their pets in homes outside the city limits, with the approval of Animal Control. Last year, the council ruled that owners no longer can do that. The council noted other cities and counties are banning vicious dogs from being placed in their jurisdictions.
  2. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

  3. ronaldrose

    ronaldrose Little Dog

    i hate to see a lab get caught up i this i got a pit and a lab both are great dogs but i hate to say it but punish the deed not the breed. no bsl. and why do they have a lab as a guard dog. that only teaches a dog to be human aggresive towards intruders, the dog doesnt know if you invited them in or not etc. i hope the best for the lab
  4. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    karmas a bitch

    i hope your dog is put down just like all the pitbulls you hate bitch
  5. vdentjr

    vdentjr Puppy

    good, now he knows what it feels like to hae a beloved family pet taken away from him. the only difference between his dog and the hundreds of pitbulls he put to death, is that his dog was actually vicious. KARMA IS A BITCH.
  6. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    KARMAS A BITCH!! i hope the lab gets put down!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 1, 2009
  7. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Doesn't sound like those people did anything that would lead the dog to believe the children were in danger, (of course, we only know what the media is telling us). However, going by the info. we are given, the dog sounds like it has a screw loose. We all know the Owner does.
  8. bullylover4ever

    bullylover4ever Big Dog

    I hate to see any dog put down, but if the dog bites put it down...oh and KARMA!!!!!!
  9. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    I agree CHJ. That excuse made me want to vomit.

    And I've had a very severe bite to the index finger....and even though you really don't want to suture dog bites on the fingers, we had to....and it took one stitch. So 5 stitches to the thumb is a pretty significant bite.

    The Lab should be euthanized and the owner sued. And I hope he gets enough hell that he backs off his asinine BSL crap.
  10. kcdogblog

    kcdogblog Puppy

    I think the best case scenerio here is that the dog is allowed to go into rehab and get adopted to a new owner and the jerk owner be forbidden from owning a dog again. I hate for rehabilitatable dogs to be punished for the failure of their owners. But I want this owner to be declared a complete failure.
  11. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    We differ, kc. While I believe one can surely properly manage and contain an HA dog, you cannot rehabilitate a dog that has it's mind set on biting people. No more than you could've rehabilitated Ted Bundy.
  12. Elliehanna

    Elliehanna GRCH Dog

    I think the dog should be put down, the dude should be sued and if there is a bsl they should now include EVERY breed that bites...wait that would be all of them...so yea stop the bsl because its just stupid, that story just proved it.

    Also didn't he say he left to take a kid somewhere..then his wife called the dog in from the front yard, if the other kid was out there it would have screamed or something and the mom would come running....saying his dog was protection his kid was very very false at least with the wording of the story
  13. fr0gman

    fr0gman Puppy

    I am not wanting to get back on this merry-go-'round again, but I will say that dogs don't get their "mind set" on anything. Stimulus/response, remember.

    Based on the limited details of this case, I would say that the dog was reacting to being pushed away (who knows how? A kick perhaps?) and bit the guy's thumb. They dog did not bite initially. He jumped up on him.

    I also think that a bite to the hand is VERY MUCH different than an attack. Humans are the only animal that your dog will ever encounter that have free swinging limbs. This motion can trigger prey drive in many different sporting breeds. I always fold my arms or go hand-in-pocket whenever I am approaching an unfamiliar dog.
  14. Strakatz

    Strakatz Little Dog

    Around here most of the folks I know would euthanize their own dog if this kind of thing happened.
  15. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    You're right. It's like getting on a merry-go-round with someone who just talks and talks and talks all because they like to hear themself talk.

    Here's the thing and I'll give the shortened version: some dogs do like to bite. Why? Because biting gets them whatever they want whether it's intimidation, to have their territory left alone, whatever. And then some dogs bite because it's what they do. There ARE bad dogs just like there ARE bad humans. To turn a blind eye to the fact that irresponsible breeding of endless generations of unstable dogs has resulted in many many many many many more unstable dogs.

    And no amount of your god-like talent and ability (sarcasm) and no amount of hugs and kissses and whispers of "you is da bestest doggy in the whole wide world" is going to change any of that. But I sure bet Utopia is a lovely place to live.

    And thanks to the bleeding hearts of this world who care more about their own feel-good status and the poor wittle fluffy wuffy doggy, dog attacks and dog bites will never stop thanks to those people putting dangerous dogs right back into the general population.

    And honestly? The point of the dogs being euthanized is a little bit less about the dogs and more about teaching irresponsible and stupid owners a lesson. But I guess we should just let those owners walk away scot-free with a $50 fine and some half-assed apology. Or better yet, let's give them their dog back with a year's worth of free dog-whispering from you.:no2:

    ---------- Post added at 09:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:15 AM ----------

    Here too.
  16. fr0gman

    fr0gman Puppy

    What was I thinking? You are 110% right! Kill them all, even those that growl, snarl or tense up. Those are the warnings that lead to biting so to reduce bites we should out every dog down that shows the slightest sign of anything that might lead to a bite.
  17. supersport

    supersport Puppy

    Now, now children... Getting off topic. .. IF the dog gets put down, Souix City IA will NO LONGER have Pit Bulls... The councilman will make sure that happens
  18. odnarb

    odnarb Little Dog

    It gets better, the dog was stolen from Animal Control...

    SCPD: Councilman's dog stolen from Animal Control - KTIV NewsChannel 4 Sioux City IA: News, Weather and Sports

  19. Alma

    Alma GRCH Dog

    Put it to sleep. Its HA and should be PTS.
  20. odnarb

    odnarb Little Dog

    Unfortunately, the dog is MIA.

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