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Should Da dogs wear a muzzle in public

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Whether cropped ears or a muzzle makes a dog look more agressive is a subjective opinion, but the fact that cropping a dogs ears is both impractical and irreversable is not.

Well it isn't really intended to be reversible, is it? :lol: And not one part of this conversation had anything to do with whether ear cropping serves a practical purpose, your statement was that ear cropping makes dogs look more aggressive than muzzling does. You simply twisted the subject to suit your ignorance.


I notice no one has made an argument to the contrary of what I said, at least not a convincing one.

Just a bunch of school girl name calling. Internet warrior much ladies?.


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I'm a real life Aztec Warrior that wears face paint to make myself look more aggressive than I really am.

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Good Dog
I'm more likely to avoid the dog with a muzzle on it than a dog with a cropped ear, especially since it's one of the traditional looks for several breeds including but not limited to:
  • American Pit Bull Terriers
  • American Staffordshire Terriers
  • American Bullies
  • Dobermans
  • Dogos
  • Danes
  • Central Asian Shepherd dogs
  • Presa Canarios
  • Beaucerons
  • Kangals
  • Boxers

A dog can be cropped for either form or functional purposes. The only purpose of a muzzle is to prevent biting. How on earth is a cropped ear the more damning of two?


I notice no one has made an argument to the contrary of what I said, at least not a convincing one.

I've been cropping puppies for decades. Because it's MY fucking choice to do so, and in MY opinion, it improves the appearance of MY dogs. As you admitted, whether ear cropping causes a dog to appear more "dangerous" than an uncropped dog is a subjective opinion, so there is NOTHING left of your original statement to argue. People who think this way do so because they're either ignorant or stupid, as ear cropping has absolutely ZERO correlation what so ever with aggressive dogs, whereas muzzles do. That's fact. Also fact is that I'm the only fucking person on the planet who has to like what my property looks like, I don't have to "convince" anyone of fuck-all.
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You should cut your ears into little elf points. You´d really look mean.

You should cut off your entire head, it'll save the rest of us the trouble of having to put up with your dumbassery.
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