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Separation Anxiety

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Drgnrdr, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Brooke

    Brooke Good Dog

    My dog is from the pound and I have had him for about a month. In the beginning, I could leave him home and he seemed to be fine, but after about a week he began pulling coats down off of the coat rack, ripping up the trash, and getting into all kinds of things that he shows no interest in at all when I'm around. Since then I have thoroughly dog proofed the house so he can't really get into anything anymore.

    If I just go outside to bring the trash out he runs to the window to watch me, which I didn't really think anything of, but within the past few days this has escalated to crying, barking, and scratching at the window if I'm there for more than a minute or so. He does this when I'm inside and my boyfriend is outside, but once my boyfriend is in the car and out of sight, he stops and just goes and relaxes.

    We also have a gate up to section off an area of the house for the cat. Recently he has started sitting on the other side of the gate and watching my every move. Sometimes he will scratch at it to try to get to me.

    Until today, I was pretty convinced that he was just restless and wasn't getting enough exercise and when I was outside he was just crying because being outside is his favorite thing ever and he wanted to come too. But today, he literally didn't stop. I took him for an hour walk in the morning. Came home to meet my boyfriend. We walked him around town for 2 hours. He met up with some of his new pit bull buddies and played for a half hour, came home and played with two other doggy friends of his for another half hour. He was only home alone for 2 hours and when I returned the trash was spread across the apartment, every piece of paper in there ripped to pieces. All that I can think of is separation anxiety. Do these sound like signs or am I missing something?
  2. Drgnrdr

    Drgnrdr Big Dog

    read the thread, your dog may have sep anxiety or sep distress or being disobiedient
    also read http://www.ddfl.org/behavior/sep-anxiety.pdf or our
    own refined k9
    if your dog has actual sep anx you need to speak to a certified behaviorist to help you over come extreme cases
    you can try and set up a webcam and see what he does while your gone
    get everything up out of his reach, block his access where you can, get to a certified trainer someone who knows about this stuff that can ask you all kinds of questions and see you one on one, it is difficult to do so on the internet
  3. KaptinK

    KaptinK Puppy

    very glad i found this site this is real useful information
  4. dhoop

    dhoop Puppy

    Thanks for this it is a HUGE help! Im starting the excercises, and im only at 5 mins outside the door before I hear my new adoptee rustling up from napping on the bed. (We keep her in the bedroom when gone) How do I handle that? Especially when she gets near the door? At 1 or 2 mins, shes still laying down and I give her a treat, but we've been stuck on 5 or 10 mins for a while now... I got her at the pound, and I've had her for a week and a half, and found she has pretty bad seperation anxiety. I was surprised to hear the crate was detrimental. So shes got full range of the room now, a kong, toys, bones,(though she isn't even interested in any of those) and I am interested/anxious to see how it goes. I do have to work, so does that ruin what I have going if I leave for a couple hours? Or is it better to just take her with me until we get further along?
  5. KAYlA1140

    KAYlA1140 Puppy

    if my dog pees and destroys her area we have in the house for her is that considered separation anxiety?
  6. Woodyzline

    Woodyzline Puppy

    My dog suffers from anxiety and has never been apart from us for more than 24hrs since we got her 3yrs. ago,She has been improving but not cured yet.Unfortunately she has been impounded while waiting for a dangerous dog hearing (which she is not) for what has now been twenty days with no contact or visitation whatsoever.Can this have permanent effects on her personality which we love just the way it is??How should we re-introduce her back home?WE miss her badly and are suffering from our own separation anxiety,Any info would be great!
  7. alibumaye

    alibumaye Puppy

    I'm at my witts end...he cries throughout the entire night. =( and while I feel for him, I've got to work. So I need my rest as well.

    Due to fleas and "puppy" blatter, I keep in his crate to sleep because that last time he wasn't I woke up and found number 1 and 2 in the living room. Yesterday, I coaxed him into the crate and praised him when he laid down and stroked him. I also gave him a treat when he laid down. I left music going and left the room. he slept for about 2 hours then woke up howling. This howl for 1, sleep for 2 process lasted throughout the night. I am really worried because I feel it won't be long until my neighbor starts making complaints (my walls are thin, I live in a duplex) And, like I said...I need my rest as well.

    This morning, I put him in his crate outside and he started howling. we had ate, used teh rest room and played a little. I went to shower, and I had to yell "stop!" He'd stop, but when I left he'd howl more. So I tried leaving him outside the crate, but still outside. He howled a little, but I said stop about 3-4 times consecutively and he stopped. I was able to shower and everything, still no howling. When he heard me go out the front door, he howled again. Right when I was about to leave, I left him an enclosed section right outside the backdoor, with food and water accesible and the crate door open ( I didn't make him go inside) I noticed that when i left he wasn't crying, I praised him and closed the door. He scratched a little, but stopped. I waited before I drove off for good, and I still didn't hear him cry.

    Should I allow him to sleep outside? He is only 7-8 weeks old, and hasn't had his 2nd rounds of vacs yet, so thats why I am apprehensive. However, I do want him to eventually be an outside dog, so I want him to feel home outside, not inside. However, I do want him to know how to behave inside and know how to sleep in a set location if he is allowed to sleep inside (like if it's really cold during the winter, or on scortching hot days) He has had his worm vacs. I was also told that putting a heating pad in the crate will help, because he is used to the warmth of his brothers and sisters, and also placing a worn shirt of mine in the crate.

    I wish I had found this forum sooner, because then I would've known how to "practice" leaving and things to make his crate welcoming. Unfortunately, I started off on the semi wrong foot and now we have to hit the ground running. I never used the crate as a punishment, but I didn't coax him into liking it. I just up him in there and explained "i'm sorry but this is where you sleep =/ " I put chew toys and a doggy bed and a sheet, but he would rather not be on the doggy bed anyway.

    Please help! I love him to pieces...between the hours of 10am to 10pm LOL Please help
  8. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    If he wails in his crate, completely ignore him. Just pretend he isn't there, which includes no eye contact.
  9. alibumaye

    alibumaye Puppy

    how can I pretend he isn't there!? It's one in the morning and I have to work tomorrow morning....

    and he's no ordinary puppy. He'll go AAALLLLL NIGHT! My neighbor already complained.
  10. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    Get a loud fan. Talk to your neighbor. Explain that he's still a baby who needs to learn to be independent from his mother and his litter and needs to adjust to the outside world. It will be a rough period, but it will end.

    My Rottie could go on for days as a puppy. He'd fall asleep for the night at midnight. Then wake up at 4 am. I'd take him outside, let him potty and run around, then take him in, feed him, take him out again, play with him for 30 minutes (which was what I did with my other dogs, and it worked for a few more hours), and put him in the crate so I could get some sleep. Nope. Incessant wailing for 8 hours. First I thought he had to potty again, so I took him back outside. Big mistake.

    It got to the point where I took the cat carrier he was in (he was a little guy and would potty all over the smallest crate) and stuck him in the car (with the windows cracked and doors locked) just so I wouldn't go insane from sleep deprivation (about 3 days in with about 5 hours of sleep altogether). I seriously spent time considering flushing him down the toilet.

    Now, I'm not telling you to lock him in the car at night, especially in the summer. Have a good talk with your neighbor. Ignore the pup. Be patient.

    Where is his crate at in your house? Do you crate him when you're home too?
  11. alibumaye

    alibumaye Puppy

    oh wow, you get me!!!

    Last night I got really frustrated and put him outside. I have a patio area, so it is cool. I even gave him a spanking :( He quieted down and I was able to get sleep, but he was still crying a little bit. I did talk with my neighbor, she is being really sweet about it but I know it is inconveniencing her.

    My thing is, should I just do this? I want him to sleep outside anyway.
  12. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    You gave a spanking to an 8 week old puppy who is completely confused and acting as such. :no2: Puppies take patience patience patience, and punishing a dog for doing something it doesn't know is wrong is ridiculous.
    You should NOT leave an 8 week old puppy outside by itself. Just let him cry it out for a few days and trust me, he'll get over it. You're going to want to scream and rip your hair out but remember- he is an INFANT ANIMAL in a strange environment with a person he doesn't know he can trust.
    You need to be building trust and understanding with your puppy at this time, and hitting him for crying in his crate is setting you back tenfold.
  13. My pit is Sasha

    My pit is Sasha Good Dog

    Put the crate in the bathroom, turn on the fan (or put a ticking clock in there), close the bathroom door. Depending on the pup you might want to put a nightlight in there.

    Then go into your room, close the door, go to bed.

    As long as he's in his crate and it is closed up he should be fine. I would say ear plugs but they never work for me, can't sleep with them in, and if I do manage to get to sleep can't hear the clock.

    As much as it sucks the only real solution is to just let him scream himself out. Responding to it reinforces the behavior, once he figures out doesn't accomplish anything he'll stop.
  14. MarcsGirl614

    MarcsGirl614 Puppy

    If you're dog experiences separation anxiety and is destroying property because of it, I don't know what state you live in but in Ohio you must have you're dog in a cage when you are not at home, This is a good way too stop the separation anxiety start cage training which is what every pit bull should have learned from the beginning of their life.
  15. MarcsGirl614

    MarcsGirl614 Puppy

    First and Foremost you don't just throw you're dog outside and expect him too be cool with being out there when he needs human interaction, You're best bet would be too take some responsibility for you're animal and do the right thing, NO DOG should be forced too live on a patio, If you're going too abuse you're dog in this fashion because you don't feel like dealing with it, guess what give him too someone that will love him as a family pet and will treat him with the respect he deserves as a loyal animal.

    ---------- Post added at 06:43 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:39 AM ----------

    I totally agree and it is people like this that do not deserve too have such a magnificent and loyal animal, If you can't show him he can trust you and you're just treating him like crap, guess what if you don't get bite in the future someone else may. Take some responsibility or give him too someone that will love him because you clearly do not, You are clearly an idiot and it's people like you who give the breed a bad name because you didn't take responsibility for you're animal and when the animal acts out of character and bites guess what it's you're fault and you deserve the jail time you will receive.

    ---------- Post added at 06:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:43 AM ----------

    So if you can't take the responsibility, Give him away too someone who would love too take the responsibility. You should have never got a dog in the first place.

    ---------- Post added at 06:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:45 AM ----------

    When you found the dog has took a potty in the house you quickly reprimand the dog, BAD DOG, You go outside too potty and don't be lazy, immediately take him out to the potty every time he goes in the house and puppies that young do need too be taken out every 2 -3 hours if you are expecting too have a successful potty training, the more posts I read from you the more of an idiot you sound and you should not own a dog and I hope you don't have children.

    ---------- Post added at 06:51 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:50 AM ----------

    It seems too be like you need someone to train you!
  16. alibumaye

    alibumaye Puppy

    thanks Marcsgurl lulz During the time of the post I didn't let him sleep outside, he slept in the bathroom with training beds, toys, light on, and his bed.

    Samba now sleeps outside and loves it. Oh, and I do interact with him---all the time, just outside.

    Feels great to be an idiot =)
  17. Cooky8

    Cooky8 Puppy

    My little Ghoul got out of his litter a little too early... 6 weeks. Good stuff, i'll try it out to avoid him gettin SA but im hoping for the best :) he is not following me in the house, love to look around alone but at night he wake me often to pet ahim and confort him.. i just lay my hand on him and he get back to sleep.. he is sleeping in a closed area on the side of my bed.
  18. xtoshax

    xtoshax Puppy

    I have a 11 week old pitbull puppy. I`ve only had him for less than a week and he has extremely bad seperation anxiety with me. I cannot leave the room without him freaking out. Even if the room he is in has a other people in it. he is already very attached to me. i can`t go to the bathroom without him crying and crying and trying to chew stuff up. he never chews anything but his own toys regularly.he`s quite young still so i want to break this from him before he gets older and it becomes harder on him. he didn`t seem attached to the breeder i bought him from at all. he didn`t care he was leaving. never cried.. as soon as i got him home he sat with me for a while i went to go grab his food and he started crying, and at first everytime i was out of his sight he would pee. i would be in the same room but behind a dresser or something and he would pee all over. the peeing stopped but he just gets so upset when i`m not around. i thought if someone else was with him he would be fine, but he wants me and only me.
  19. Medicci

    Medicci Puppy

    Need help!

    I adopted Bodie from the shelter 2 weeks ago, after vet bills, crates and doggy day care I am at $2500 and at my wits end! Bodie loves his crate to sleep in (with door open) after daycare, when he is tired and when I am around but cannot take 5 seconds alone without crying, howling and barking and destroying his crate. He was in for 3 hours at a time with Kongs full of peanut butter, chew toys etc. Any suggestions for me would be greatly appreciated as I cannot afford $350 a month for daycare and am unable to leave him alone as he breaks out of his crate and waits for me at the back door. My yard is not secure, I have another pit that is crated and this is affecting her as well. HELP!!
  20. AdMae

    AdMae Big Dog

    I'm so excited!

    Andromeda has been coming a long way dealing with her seperation anx!

    I've been reading advice all over the internet since I got her. It's great to see it all in one place!

    Yesterday, I finally felt comfortable enough giving her a kong when we left. My (hermit) room mate reported that she did not wine! I think it's a major break through for us.

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